Anne Marie Bush – “Talking in My Sleep” – All hushed smoky vibes, infused with electrifying energy!

Anne Marie Bush, the talented Danish artist, has once again proven herself to unstoppable in the independent music industry with her latest single, “Talking in My Sleep,” released worldwide through her own label (AMB RECORDS/AMB MUSIC). The single, which was written, produced, and mixed in her very own recording studio in Copenhagen, presents another nuanced and  passionate performance by the singer-songwriter whose eclectic influences range from RnB, Motown, Soul, Pop, Jazz, Neo-Soul to EDM.

On “Talking in My Sleep,” Anne Marie masterfully blends a sultry mid-tempo club feel, with electro-RnB, and neo-soul elements, seamlessly recreating an old-school vintage vibe. The concept behind the single was born from a late-night reflection about a dear friend from L.A who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. This friend had an enormous impact on Anne Marie’s career as a singer, songwriter, engineer, and producer, and the single is a beautiful tribute to his memory.

Talking about the song Anne Marie explained how “Talking in My Sleep” is a true reflection of her personality. She said that the lead vocal was recorded in just one take, and the song was entirely produced, mixed, and recorded in her home studio, albeit with a staggering 250 tracks.

We have to credit Anne Marie Bush with doing what she does best on her sumptuous new single. All hushed smoky vibes, yet infused with electrifying energy. Subtle but rich orchestration, and of course, her exquisite and articulate vocal tones.

“Talking in My Sleep” evokes a nocturnal ambiance and late night caress in an intimate but expressive manner, one that would befit an elite dance club setting. Anne Marie remains true to her muse by bringing a contemporary sensibility to her devotion and discipline.

Her credence is unquestionable. Indeed, her appeal with pop, RnB and jazz aficionados attests to both her diligence and diversity.  “Talking in My Sleep” offers strong production and the mature sophistication of Anne Marie Bush evolving musicianship. It draws you in and never lets go.

The single is a testament to Anne Marie Bush’s unwavering focus, determination, and drive, and it’s no surprise that new recordings are already in the pipeline, leading to a full album or an EP . Anne Marie’s musical journey has been quite a ride, and “Talking in My Sleep” is a culmination of all her experiences. During her time at The Academy of Music, Anne Marie was a dedicated dancer, spending up to 5 hours a day dancing to various genres such as Afro, Cuban, Afro-American, Jazz-ballet, and modern dance.

Anne Marie Bush’s passion for music is palpable and infectious, and her love for jazz is no exception. From a young age, she has graced the stage with jazz-bands, big-bands, and various jazz-constellations, leaving audiences awestruck by her sheer talent and mesmerizing voice. But her latest project, a new jazz-trio, promises to be nothing short of spectacular, and fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of this musical powerhouse.

As an artist, Anne Marie now exudes self-confidence and ease, having reached a comfortable place in her life where she is no longer reliant on anyone musically or technically. Her freedom to explore her full potential as a singer, songwriter, and producer in her own studio is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft. Every note she sings is infused with authenticity and passion, leaving listeners spellbound and wanting for more.

Anne Marie Bush’s talent has not gone unnoticed, as she has been involved in several international projects as a songwriter and vocal coach. Spending eight years in L.A, she made a name for herself, releasing her own singles, EPs, and music videos under her record label, AMB Records.

Her songs have soared to the Top 10, and her dance remixes have dominated the dance charts for years. Her music has been played on most nationwide TV shows and radio shows in Denmark, as well as on indie radios worldwide, including EU, Asia, US, and Canada. She has also collaborated with major selling artists globally and had songs placed on Amr. TV & Film.

Anne Marie Bush’s unwavering talent, dedication, and passion for music make her a true inspiration to artists and music lovers alike. Her latest release, “Talking in My Sleep,” is a testament to her exceptional artistry and leaves listeners in awe of her musical prowess. We can’t wait to see what this incredible artist has in store for us next, but one thing is for sure: it’s bound to be nothing short of sensational.


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