Akkira: “Gimme Gimme” ft. Sabrina Petrini who is carving out a full-fledged identity for herself

Whenever I listen to music, honesty is always something that instantly makes it a lot more relatable and powerful. There’s a huge difference between artists who just sing words because they’re told to and artists who take it in from the heart by putting to paper all the experiences they’ve felt, no matter how positive or negative they may be. After all, life is full of its ups and downs, its highs and its lows, its pros and its cons. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that better songwriting comes from those who are earnest about themselves.

Then there are those outstanding singers and performers who are able to put the same emotions and honesty into each and every song, whether they themselves are the songwriters or just the collaborating voices.  Enter award-winning Sabrina Petrini, who started her journey as a performer in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Sabrina has been considered for Grammy Nomination, she has collaborated with A-league producers and had her videos aired on MTV, and her songs featured in films. Far from being artistically satisfied, Sabrina has put her talents to the umpteenth test on the electro-punk track by Akkira, entitled Gimme Gimme ft. Sabrina Petrini. The track is taken from the album “Planet Ex”.

On Gimme Gimme Sabrina’s soaring vocals reach heights that show off the talent in her voice, and even when it’s more subdued, you can still hear the emotion when she sings. Ranging from seductive to coy, there’s a lush texture to the song that gives it a sense of playful earnestness and relatability.

“Sex and love, and innocence, trying so hard but you can’t fit in. You can’t come from the city, if you don’t really come from the city.” Everything just comes together so euphorically in a wonderful climax that’s perfectly summative of the song’s core theme as a whole.

“Gimme Gimme” ft. Sabrina Petrini has a big electronic arrangement with swirling synths and thick thumping drums that have a strong 90’s flavor. The downright lyrical honesty coupled with Sabrina’s star-studded vocals and excellent production by Akkira, all add up to a record that’s pretty consistent all the way through.

Sabrina Petrini is hard at work carving out a full-fledged identity for herself, as she takes on various projects. Here the varied dynamics and confidence of her singing give a more organic feel to the synthetic instrumentation.

Sabrina Petrini’s sound is always cutting edge, and what she sings about can be so emotionally hypnotic that it’s impossible not to get drawn into the world she’s singing about. Given how much she has upped her game between releases, in the last few years, one has to sit back and hope her next leap will take her out of the clubs and indie circles and into something even greater: true icon status. She clearly has the makings of it in her: with her next go-round, we just need to see it.


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