AKA Louis: “POEMes CRISToLIENs #1: Creteil, La Cité de l’Aube” – peaks of enraptured perception

Some people have a very selective taste in ambient and others appreciate the genre as a whole. Some ambient music sounds distorted and glitchy and some sounds very wholesome, organic and pure. Whether or not you like the genre, if you listen carefully to the music on any given ambient album, you’ll notice it invokes a lot of emotion and feeling like none of which can be satisfied with other kinds of music. Now add to ambient instrumental work, the majestic magic of poetry and the entire listening experience is enhanced to another sensory and emotional level. This is more or less what happens with the poetry of writer, poet and Illustrator AKA Louis and the music of his alter ego, Han Sino, on “POEMes CRISToLIENs #1: Creteil, La Cité de l’Aube” (Creteil, The City of Dawn).

AKA Louis has released 9 Books – a collection of Poetry, of Drawings, one Essay and a Collection of Short Stories, and he has created different forms of Poetic Opuses. Last year he decided to create a Musical Poem to celebrate and pay tribute to Creteil, the City where he lives, near Paris, France. Creteil, is a town which AKA Louis describes as a very positive place and a ‘City of Dawn’.

Music can be more than background music for jogging – it is the essence of humanity expressed in the most universal way possible, and sometimes this beauty can be used as an aid for getting a glimpse deep within our own inner psyche, or of the world that surround us.

Han Sino, in this sense, has always been one music producer who never fails to channel the intricacies of what makes life on this planet so wonderful. This time he turns his focus to just a small physical piece of this planet, or rather his home city of Creteil. Embrace it, and learn to trust your senses, and accept that there are times when music and words can steer you towards the most passionate sensations.

Uplifting, moving, delightful, and haunting, AKA Louis and Han Sino seem to effortlessly let loose mood-altering sonic soundscapes and words, which simply washes over you, encompassing your entire body like swimming in a comfortable river or being covered by the warmest and most comfortable blanket.

AKA Louis manages to intertwine the abstract and purposeful to great effect. The project is made up of two tracks or parts with the music and poetry presenting an interesting experience for audiences. On one hand, AKA Louis’ words oscillates between the forefront and back of listener consciousness.

At the same time, it is difficult not to be consumed by the sounds of Han Sino altogether. This is not music to work – or work out – to. It is, however, sound by which to explore, meditate and wonder.

Moving into the majestic realm of pure, non-rhythmic electro soundscapes, “POEMes CRISToLIENs #1: Creteil, La Cité de l’Aube” is a stunning 2-track release. It resembles a peak in the artist’s masterful creativity and luminous abilities to conjure abstract sound worlds that describe a real world. At times you will find yourself floating overhead, and at a loss of precise thought.

Other times you will be given warmth and led through weaving pathways of sound textures into huge open chasms, then even ascending further up to the higher altitude peaks of enraptured perception. Devoid of complex rhythm, melody or harmony. All that is left are gorgeous, lush tones that wash over and through you in relentless waves of pure beauty…and the poetry of AKA Louis.


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