Aidan-XX – “Till The War is Over” – an ethereal electro igniter with reflective slow-burning verses

Since Nadia Lanfranconi’s emergence, it’s been remarkably easy for a wide variety of music listeners to get on board with her Country- Americana style and direction, so it must have taken a bold heart and a strong will to flip her persona and musical aesthetic, with the release of her latest single “Till The War is Over”.  Her specially created new alter ego, Aidan-XX emerges from the strange times we’re currently living in. Nadia is originally from Lake Como, Italy, but resides in Los Angeles, California. She shot the video for the single herself during her quarantine period, and hopes to encourage more people get creative during these challenging times and move forward no matter what.

This is easy music to love and be excited about in a day and age where the filter held over pop has long been lifted, pouring out a plethora of empowering, honest, dark, and sometimes twisted narratives.

I applaud artists who venture out of their comfort zones, and music today requires people to do that. It needs pioneers. Aidan-XX is an artist who has the talent to surprise audiences with new ideas, which will undoubtedly keep her interesting and boost her profile.

Aidan-XX’s surplus of adventurous vocal nuances and tonal inflections make for a listen that certainly won’t feel monotonous. Though we’ve already partially done so in the beginning, “Till The War is Over”, is not a song that requires any context; what Aidan-XX has crafted here is an ethereal electro igniter with reflective slow-burning verses smoothly unfurling from her head. Each alluring line is delivered with a sensually brooding exposition that characterizes its captivating sound.

The confidence on this single is inspired, observable, and the clear result of Aidan-XX aka Nadia Lanfranconi’s growth as a songwriter. Another compelling element is the fact that, Aidan-XX is a remarkably capable singer. Her highs and lows are equally impacting, while Greta Karen does great job on the harmonies.

Yet this kind of vocal accomplishment could easily be overlooked if the lyrics were poor. Fortunately for everyone, the lyrics that the songstress brings to the table here are some of the most honest and affecting.

This puts her firmly in the camp of those handful of deep-thinking, observant and confessional singer-songwriters that rise out of the landscape on rare occasions, but more so, it puts her right at the forefront of these artists, especially considering this is her first release as Aidan-XX.

Additionally, the co-production by Ben O’ Neill and Nadia Lanfranconi is all-around fantastic, even considering that it does hit the usual touchstones of this kind of music.

With “Till The War is Over”, Aidan-XX showcases a wonderfully malleable voice and effective songwriting that is bolstered by the production to provide extensive replay value. Among the current female singer-songwriters, Aidan-XX aka Nadia Lanfranconi proves herself to be one to watch for 2020.

And she does so with all the grace and poise of someone who’s been writing and performing this style of music since forever. Moreover, Aidan-XX has a universal appeal that should see her make a lasting impression on both listeners and viewers.


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