Matthew Neves releases brand new Video for “Today is the Day”

Three albums down the line and Matthew Neves has done it all. He received his first guitar aged 4, and then went on to play bass, drums, and piano. Neves then went on to play in various bands during his youth before going solo in 2004. Soon he was composing music TV soundtracks, including the miniseries “Angels”, and playing important venues.

Neves has opened for acts such as Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) and Wu Tang Clan, as well as working with 2012 “X-Factor” finalist Jennel Garcia. He has also won numerous music awards as an independent artist and also plays, records and produces just about all his own music.

Matthew Neves (photo by Joe Tyler)
Matthew Neves (photo by Joe Tyler)

After only one listen to “Today is the Day”, which is taken off Mathew Neves’ second album, “You and Me”, it becomes apparent that this is an artist doing what he does best, which is to offer up gritty pop-rock music that is radio friendly, catchy, and melodic enough for the masses.

I got to listen to the track by way of Youtube, as Neves has just recently (a few days ago to be honest!) released the supporting video for this track, notwithstanding the fact that he has already dropped a third album entitled, “Diligence”.

“Today is the Day”, is nice melodious, rhythmic pop-rock with literate lyrics, a happy upbeat vibe and a sweltering hot guitar solo courtesy of Mathew Neves himself. In fact I’m pretty sure that Neves’ guitar playing, above all else, would be his perfect calling card. His guitar shines across all of his tracks.

But “Today is the Day” also has all the catchy hooks that Neves is so absolutely brilliant at, without any obvious pandering, and he does it with that indefinable edge that is present in most of his upbeat songs.

Without a doubt the spunky, bubbly and energetic video directed by Cory Bertocci, with a guest appearance by pro skateboarder Nick DomPierre, just adds fuel to an already flaming fire!

“Today is the Day” – and the entire “You and Me” album, for that matter – is an honest testament to Mathew Neves’ immense all-round musical talent – whether performing, arranging or producing.


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