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Young Gifted: “Murder 1” – A classic sound, dope beat and hard lyrics!

Young Gifted are automatically legends in terms of longevity.

The New Jersey trio, Young Gifted has stayed true to the game since 1988. Pioneers of the dark side, Young Gifted embodies old school and new school techniques over thunderous beats. Their music is reminiscent of the golden age of Hip Hop. The group has been going strong for 20 years and their music is still able to compete in today’s current musical landscape. The Hip Hop juggernauts call themselves “Young Gifted” due to the timeless quality of their compositions.

The Young Gifted project comprises the featured artist, Love, together with other group members, Profilez & Reaction “aka” Prime Order, plus singer, Baby Boy – the Producer, Total Kaos, and other founding members: Detroit, Tang, ES, Ern, Di.

Young Gifted do not consider themselves to be entertainers. On the contrary, they consider themselves to be public speakers who deal with the issues that people face on a daily basis in the inner cities. Young Gifted was inspired by such legendary Rap groups as the Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, NWA and EPMD.

Young Gifted has stood the test of time with songs such as; Get Busy on Um Remix, Shadows of Darkness, Get It in Blood, Throw Ur G’s Up, just to name a few. These fallen angels are the past, present & future of rap. Murder 1 is a underground track made for the streets by the streets and is the follow up song to the group’s underground anthem -“Gunz Off Safety”.

young-gifted-300With a catalog that spans over 20 years in the rap game, Young Gifted are automatically legends in terms of longevity. A rugged and raw production compliments the dark sinister street tales that Young Gifted spit about with sheer abandon. Their stories are always bone chilling, epic and intricately painted with precise accuracy. Young Gifted keep it interesting and innovative with slick rhymes on whatever topic they choose to speak about. Their lyrics are detailed and vivid on every track and “Murder 1” is no exception.

Young Gifted don’t miss a beat. They stay in their chosen lane and continue to evolve with the times on “Murder 1”; a classic sound, dope beat and hard lyrics. The same reasons you probably fell in love with Young Gifted in the first place!

Young Gifted is back with a gritty track that is intense, authentic, and a powerful. If you are a fan of real hip hop, you owe it to yourself to get “Murder 1”.

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