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Whiskey N’ Rye Has a Mix of Everything from Slow Ballads to Instrumentally Superb Rock Songs!

Whiskey N’ Rye is a roots-rock band in Seattle, known for its explosive live shows. The band formed in 2013 behind the eponymously-titled “Whiskey N’ Rye” debut album written by singer/songwriter Philip Lindholm, and includes three graduates from the Berklee School of Music who headed west after graduation. The band is now touring, supporting the new record and taking on the road a contemporary sound that draws heavily and unabashedly upon classic blues, rock, and Americana influences.

There is no best way to describe the music of Whiskey N’ Rye as they have such a unique and fresh sound that fuses elements of country and rock with some blues and alternative, making it impossible to pin down in one confined musical sphere.

Their songs seem deceptively simple. At first blush, “Until The End” appears to be a sweet little love song; however, the lilting female choral and Lindholm’s smoking vocals, give a rich, distinctive texture that reeks of a Whiskey N’ Rye signature sound. Don’t be fooled, though – these guys can rock with the best of them. Give a loud listen to “Before the Cock Crows”. Those guitars will rattle your windows!

As with all Whiskey N’ Rye material, the lyrics and melodies are mature, tightly woven and mighty damn catchy. See if you can resist up-tempo songs like, “Bootlegger”, “Making Love” and “All I Ask”, or heartrending slow burners like, “Until The End” and probably the best two tracks on the entire album “Rebel Man, Pt.1” and “Rebel Man, Pt.2”.

The musicianship throughout this Whiskey N’ Rye, is solid and very, very clean, while Philip Lindholm’s vocals are crystal clear and slice right through you on every line. I really don’t know if this album could be any better.

You don’t often find songwriting this poignant on the Rock side of the Indie, Alternative, Americana genre mix, let alone on an album that would make great road music too! You can listen softly, you can turn it up loud; you can sing along with it, it’ll become your best friend before too long.

Too much of what passes for Americana today is simply arena rock with a twang. Whiskey N’ Rye is not just another bar band that substitutes energy for melody; these guys know how to write a great song, how to rock that song, yet stay genuine at the same time. This is a great album that you’ll enjoy on the first listen.

It really doesn’t get much better than this folks. If you’re into Americana, Roots-rock, or even Alt-country, or if simply like good music, I just can’t imagine you not enjoying Whiskey N’ Rye. It has a mix of everything from slow ballads to energetic, instrumentally superb, rock songs.

 Don’t pass this one up!

Whiskey N’ Rye consists of Philip Lindholm: Vox & Guitar, Colin McLaurin: Drums, Josh Tvrdy: Guitar, Nolan Watt: Bass and Marco Longo: Keys.



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