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Velvet Oskar: “Partyhard” is Pure Energy, a Modern-day Club Symphony!

In 2006 Velvet Oskar rose onto the international DJ scene. He remixed for the Av8 Records label in New York, developing a passion for House Music. Another highlight of this career, was reaching second place in the Top 5 Gold Member Tracks ranking of the world famous Star DJ Fedde Le Grand.

Velvet Oskar has now released his latest Progressive House track, “Partyhard”, on the Soulves Records label. If you enjoy solid bass, and you like music that makes you feel awesome this guy delivers aggressive, ultra heavy beats.

There are clear references to Dubstep influences, but without the awful, unmusical parts of Dubstep, such as the tone-deaf whirring and whining parts that make you want to impale your ear drums, nor the over-the-top build-ups to unimaginative drops. “Partyhard” is an awesome and amazing expression of electronic dance music.

Extremely well produced and put together. The mesmerizing beat and interwoven layers will make you see the electronic world in a different way. This is music which washes over you, oozes into your soul, and digs its way into your sub-consciousness. “Partyhard” is best listened to with some serious volume or quality headphones, you won’t be disappointed.

Velvet Oskar doesn’t waste time with repeated voice samples over and over and over again, or crazy high pitched electronic noises. He just delivers a great beat without being trancy and boring that pulls you in with a tight sound and rhythm, and leaves you wanting more.

Good Progressive House like this can be hard to find, and is often over or underdone. Velvet Oskar has found the perfect balance. “Partyhard”  is pure energy, a modern-day club symphony coming at you hard and unyielding every second of the way

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