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UNCLE WATT: Watt’s Happening! Every song is a guitar or keyboard swirled dream!

Catchy melodies, fun harmonies and unforgettable lyrics define the sound of UNCLE WATT, a space-age rock band from Los Angeles who delivers rock and roll with splashes of electronica; blues, garage, surf, and dreamy-drone, all run through a ‘retro-tronic’ filter. UNCLE WATT sends out mellifluous dreamy dazed-out, blissed-out music, song after song in an album that almost spawns a new genre.

Uncle Watt
Uncle Watt

What makes UNCLE WATT many fathoms better than new age or retro-hipster music is that they have jauntily beautiful melodies and soothing but never precious vocals and harmonies, capturing otherworldly ephemera within its breezy, hazy musical web. Guitars and keyboards wash in and out like waves, while drums and bass push up happily from behind.

The 12-tracks on Watt’s Happening! have an incredibly soft and beautiful sound that is like no other album. Even crunchy electric guitar driven songs like “Dream” and “Hey” are extremely delicate in their execution. All the songs are refreshingly good and work well with the subtle effects and varying rhythms. My favorites being “Goin Home”, “Joshua Tree”, “Falling Up”, “Life On The Road” and “A Sweet Lily-Bye”. But there’s hardly a weak track here.

The album cover
The album cover

This has to be in your collection. I’ve been playing this for a week and the songs always cheer me up, even when I’m already ecstatic with joy, and I’m always impressed with UNCLE WATT’s songwriting capabilities, which is never complex or pretentious. They have such a unique sound – the crystalized vocals, the dreamy chords, the thumping bass-lines and popping drumbeats all come together and mixes so well. Overall UNCLE WATT is melodic and catchy, yet capable of being spacial and slightly darker on “Falling Up” and “Glowing Red Eyes”.

Every song is a guitar or keyboard swirled dream. Listeners will appreciate the ability UNCLE WATT has to express the feeling of the wide open spaces through tight-and-light grooves and sweeter-than-honey melodies. The songs are brilliant by themselves, but the record should really be listened as a whole to gain a greater appreciation for how the tracks flow together. Each one has something different to offer and you can really hear the care that UNCLE WATT went through to make this happen.

Though you will be tempted on more than one occasion to search for similarities, Watt’s Happening! cannot be compared to anything else, and deserves all the recognition it should be getting. Sonically beautiful this is simply an incredible listen, as the sounds of space-aged rock come roaring through your unsuspecting cochlea and blows your mushy mind!


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