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Troy Ramey: “When The Lights Came” – An undisputed vocal master and a genial songwriter

Troy Ramey is among the top 5 most impressive new artists I have listened to in the last decade!

On listening to Troy Ramey’s track, “Rosary”, I remember writing these lines in August of 2014: “Troy is easily one of the most captivating artists I have heard all year so far. He really flexes his vocal prowess and songwriting on these songs in a way that makes me wonder where he’ll go next after setting the bar so high here. He comes up with a unique style blending soul and rock with gospel influences that is immediately accessible and will bury themselves inside your head and heart after a few listens.”

Troy Ramey
Troy Ramey

Come 2015, and my thoughts on Troy Ramey have been totally enhanced after listening to his 5-track EP, “When The Lights Came”. Troy Ramey is simply among the top 5 most impressive new artists I have listened to in the last decade! Considering that I am on an average of hearing 20 new artists per day, you’ll realize that this young man is something really special.

Troyʼs single “Rosary” was included on Spotifyʼs SongPickrʼs playlist for “2014 Best songs of the year” and the artist also opened up for Living Colour members Will Calhoun & Doug Wimbish on December 20th, 2014 at the School Of Rock event.

There is little that I can say that has not already been said by others of Troy. Besides of course, that I am absolutely floored. Troy Ramey is an undisputed vocal master and a genial songwriter. His music supersedes genres so strongly that I do not even for one minute ponder on what style of music he is performing. He is currently one of my most deeply appreciated new artists all-round, period.

That said, I want to weigh in on the masterful production; hats off to Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production.  His direction behind the board is impeccable. Every vocal nuance, from quiet rasp to stratospheric scream, is caught in sparkling detail. The capture of the audio dynamics is also spot-on. Without a doubt one of the finest indie recordings I’ve heard in a while. Dante is also responsible for the Ep’s instrumentation, which proves he is equally proficient on either side of the desk. Troy handles additional guitar on 4 of the songs as well.

 “When The Lights Came” is simply amazing. This is an Ep that should definitely be heard by the discerning musician or any music lover. Every track has its own unique style while at the same time retaining all of Troy Ramey’s splendor and talent. From the emotionally hard-hitting and soul-stirring sounds of “Song Man”, “The Lucky Ones”, “Restless Lady”, “When The Lights Came” to the acclaimed single “Rosary”, every song packs an impassioned punch. It has no dull points, and the raw soul that Troy exhibits in this album is simply awe-inspiring.

This Ep is so good on so many levels. It has such a wide variety of musical textures and colors that it will be talked about and listened to for years to come. Write down the name – T R O Y   R A M E Y !



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