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Tramonius: “In My Pocket (P.I.M.P)” ft. Gaudy B – a powerful sexual theme

The process of making the single In My Pocket (P.I.M.P) off the upcoming Tramonius project was created off the experiences Tramonius and Gaudy B ventured on during the summer of 2014. True events were the major inspiration of the song as well as inspiration taken from Goldie from the classic 70s movie “The Mack,” and “Superfly”.

Getting the smooth groovy sound from producer Stanley Ibe allowed Tramonius and Gaudy B to paint the perfect picture, according to the artists. Tramonius is developing his own sound and lane which is appropriately called “Literotica.” The sound depicts and translates sexual and lustful scenes that are expressed through the musical art form.


The production is mysterious and cool at the same time while the restrained vocals are exceptional here. The verses are top-notch, building even more buzz around the upcoming project. Despite the powerful sexual theme, Tramonius and Gaudy B never go over the edge like say R. Kelly at his most sensual, which means that the track is generally in good taste even though it is extremely risqué subject matter.

“In My Pocket (P.I.M.P)” is an excellent song – sensual, urban in sound, and well written. Tramonius has a very distinctive voice, which fits his sensual themes very well and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him become an urban music icon through the years. His creative energy is nothing short of magic, as his style of rap breathes life back into the music industry with every note.

 “In My Pocket (P.I.M.P)ft. Gaudy B, out on the BEYOUR$ELFMUSICGROUP label, is simply engrossing and engaging and gets you ready for what is to come in the upcoming Tramonius project. It is smooth and tantalizing, sultry, evocative, provocative and just enticing from start to finish. Tramonius is truly ready for all the success, accolades and everything that will surely follow.


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