Too Bad: “Manimal” – original dance music with expert punk-rock structures!

Too Bad is a dance-punk, electronic-rock band based out of Venice, CA. The band formed in 2011 by while Gerry Saint and Justin Brescia. They embarked on creating a new sound of EDM, merging their favorite genres of “Punk Rock and Electronic”. In the summer of 2012 the duo set out to record their first EP entitled “Permission To Land”. After weeks of brainstorming for an identity of this new genre, they coined it “Astro Punk”.

The single cover
The single cover

Shortly after the release of the EP, Justin Brescia left the duo, leaving Gerry Saint to determine Too Bad’s future. Through auditions and Craigslist, Jason Napier the front man of the popular Pop/Rock band Sink to See answered the call. Wanting to take the band further in its live shows Too Bad has recently added a drummer who is referred to as, BAM BAM.

The trio has recently dropped their new single “Manimal”. Growing up in the 80’s, and really enjoying New Order, Human League and the underground electronic dance music of the time, this single gave me the chills. This like eighties electro meets Daft Punk, meets The Prodigy. It is so dead-on as far as getting that special sound. Whether this is intentional or not really has no importance. Too Bad gets it, only they’re grittier, with chugging basslines and chunky guitar sounds to match!

Too Bad blends complex, infectious and original dance music with expert punk-rock structures that are just designed to apex at the most cathartic and beautiful moment.  The beat is tight and addictive on “Manimal” and it’s got great vocals too. If you like rock, grab this single. If you like electronic music, grab this single. If you like to shake it while cleaning the house, go ahead and grab this single!

This is definitely a single to check out, if you’re looking for anything with cool grooves and a rocking soul.  Somehow Too Bad find ways to keep the music rich while appearing simple and highly accessible.  Dance-punk may not be your forte, but if for any reason it is, then let me tell you that Too Bad blows everything else in that genre out of the water!


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