The Synthetic Dream Foundation: “The Witch King (1st Movement)” – sweeping mood-pieces!

The Synthetic Dream Foundation‘s sound is based upon merging epic orchestral music with contemporary glitchy electronics.  TSDF has released many singles on compilations for labels such as 4AD, Alfa-matrix, Twisted Records, and has remixed countless industrial acts like Suicide Commando, Grendel, and Informatik.  TSDF has also scored several successful, independent films. TSDF Combines full orchestral mayhem, with highly stylized and futuristic electronic landscapes and beats. The TSDF project had its foundations planted back in 2005 as a solo act, but through the years it has enjoyed artistic collaborations; something which The Synthetic Dream Foundation will continue to explore.

The latest EP by TSDF is “The Witch King (1st Movement)” which was released during May 2015. TSDF are on Mythical Records, a record label dedicated to electronica, experimental, contemporary classical and ambient music. Mythical Records primarily deal with professionally trained classical musicians, who have turned to a more experimental side of music.

The EP cover artwork
The EP cover artwork

Everything about “The Witch King (1st Movement)” boasts time and effort, and this becomes apparent the moment you pop it in and hear the epic opening track In the Realms of the Unreal. I don’t remember what I was expecting the first time I listened, but I do know that I had decided The Synthetic Dream Foundation to be one of my favorite electronic outfits, there and then.

I guess there are two ways to look at this EP, one if you’ve never heard TSDF before, and another if you’re a longtime fan. If you’re new to TSDF, this is an amazing EP. You’ll probably be very impressed by the way the intros seamlessly evolve into flowing, captivating genre-breaking, cinematic-like sounds. If you’re a longtime listener, you’ll love the music on this EP. It’s as complex and mesmerizing as ever, retaining all the emotional undertones of TSDF’s previous works. Throughout the years, TSDF have progressed and evolved through the Darkwave, Psytrance, Experimental Classical and Industrial genres to something much more grandiose, incorporating all of these elements.

“The Witch King (1st Movement)” contains sweeping mood-pieces with strong dynamic orchestrations, and throbbing beats, all epitomized in the pulsating IDM track – “The Human Harvest”. “In Letters of Black Night takes us into deeper, more intense, more complex territory; where you understand that the music is definitely arranged and not simply thrown together. This is the type of music that really takes you to another place. It’s almost frightening. TSDF pieces together very complex symphonic-type sounds with operatic-styled vocals and combines them to create some very emotional music. The track even goes on to take on a different dimension through headphones.

However, there is something compelling about “The Witch King (1st Movement)”. It’s not the sounds or even the captivating vocal harmonies, it’s what lies beneath. The Synthetic Dream Foundation is a musical magician who draws us in with the clever orchestration and arrangements on these tracks, but we are further propelled along by something else. It’s the beat. It’s rapid, strong and pumping, then slow and timely – like a heartbeat in varying states of emotion.

A lot of deep gut feeling went into the recording of “The Witch King (1st Movement)”, and it shows!


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