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The Small Victories: ‘The World is Watching’ – anything you want in Alternative Rock, you will find within these songs!

The Australian band, The Small Victories formed in 2009, when three friends –  Des Anthonisz – (Vocals and Guitar), Scott W Cameron – (Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals) and Marek Taborsky – (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals) – after having played together in different cover projects over the years, decided that it was high time they started producing some of their own material. Drawing on the wireframe song prototypes that Des had been working on in his development lab, the guys started working together and set about adding layer upon layer of tasty textures to produce the finished products heard today. The Small Victories have also added drummer Daniel Luttick to the line-up to complete the band. Dan has years of session, touring and live gig experience and adds a serious amount of musical cred to the lineup.

The Small Victories
The Small Victories

The Small Victories’ debut EP – ‘The World is Watching’ – is now out on all major digital download platforms. The EP opens up with the title track and you couldn’t start off with a more gripping song. Packed with invigorating guitar/bass, energetic drums, and vocals so emotional you can feel it, you are sure to listen to the rest of the EP all the way through to see what happens next. The whole EP flows very nicely from one song to another alternating between gritty rock songs like “Higher Than The Sun” and “Make The Grade” to an atmospheric anthem like “Limelight” and a post-punk pop song like “The Way”.

“Limelight” has extreme mass appeal and is certainly the hook track. But I really love “Make The Grade” the best. I adore rock that has many transitions, and The Small Victories seem to get that perfectly right on this track; vocals that growl and soar, guitars that grind with soul and fury while the drums and bass force feed the rhythm with exceptional power.

The band never wander or drift off aimlessly during any of the tracks, they stand firm and determined, intensely steering each song effortlessly from verse to chorus and back again, allowing Des Anthonisz to extend his vocal register impressively, especially on “Higher Than The Sun”. His voice simply carries the song and takes it to new heights when he expands his range. Scott W Cameron is also conceded the luxury of flexing his fiery fingers across the fretboard furiously, when the occasion calls during songs. An opportunity he never let’s slip by wastefully.

The Small Victories may not be one of the most publicized bands in the music world today, but they are definitely getting there step by step. Fans of rock in general, will find that ‘The World is Watching’ offers plenty in every department, and has enough diversity to keep you interested throughout the entire record. It is a powerful, cohesive work which fuses a lot of things from other rock influences while being able to maintain its own identity.

Quite simply, anything you can possibly want in Alternative Rock, you will find within these songs!


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