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The Jimi Newton Project: “Love You Like I Do” -Driving, Foot Stomping, and Rump Shaking!

The Jimi Newton Project is an American EDM (Electronic Dance Music) band, consisting primarily of Jimi Newton on guitar surrounded by a varying number of session musicians, talented vocalists and recording artists. The band is known for its emphasis on combining funk, soul and sultry vocals together with electronic dance beats. Originally from Dallas, Texas Jimi Newton is currently producing his music from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jimi’s debut album is scheduled to be released and available on iTunes and the Amazon mp3 store in April 2014. In the meantime we caught with the single “Love You Like I Do” and a few other tracks which gave us a better insight into this eclectic artist.

You just don’t find music like this lying around in a Best Buy bargain bin. At risk of sounding sappy, Jimi honestly has a great gift for making danceable, memorable, and soulful music. The kaleidoscope of moods and feelings present on his songs is such a treat. “Humuhumu”, is up-beat and pumping. “Starck Club”, is a nastily nice club anthem. “Hukilau” is lilting and haunting in a bright, pretty, and light way, and “That’s It” grows and fades at a rhythmic pace both compelling and sultry.

The Jimi Newton Project tastefully melds the staples of electro house, progressive house and other electronic variations with soul, pop and funk, and none of it gratuitously. This of course is no more evident than on “Love You Like I Do”.

If you thought Psychedelic Funk/Soul stopped and started with “Sly & The Family Stone” in the 60/70’s , I’m afraid you are sadly mistaken. It’s all here: the popping, grooving bass, the stabbing brass hooks, the simmering synth lines and bone-shattering drumbeat. All topped with soulful female vocals to round off the hypnotic effect. On the funky “Love You Like I Do” , The Jimi Newton Project create music that is more driving, more foot stomping, and more rump shaking than straight and simple EDM!

No doubt, on The Jimi Newton Project catalog, this track is my favorite. It’s just perfect. There are very few funk-induced songs that have stimulated my senses as much as this, in recent years.

If you’re just getting into funk, this a good starting point. Currently there is nothing funkier, cooler, or more downright fun than “Love You Like I Do”!






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