The Egyptians: “Rainbowmind” reaches extreme highs and slides into seducing tones!

The Egyptians has gone through many transformations over the years. Currently the group is comprised of front man and singer-songwriter, Micky Steevo, and his selected entourage. Steevo was first spoon fed on music from the “Trojan record volumes” through to Lou Armstrong and then onto bands such as The Police, The Beatles, Hendrix, ELO and Level 42 etc..

The Egyptians have gigged throughout London and beyond, at various prestigious rock venues. The band has now released their 10-track album, “Rainbowmind” and it is excellent! The songs have a presence with an intricate rhythm section, warm melodies, and a deep atmospheric backdrop.

the-egyptians-300As soon as the opening guitar notes of the upbeat “Rainbow Mind” kick in, there’s something uncommonly comforting about The Egyptians indie-rock sensibilities and front man Micky Steevo’s melancholy, yet energetic voice.

The Egyptians is a band that grabs you instantly, but if you spend some time with them you will get the full impact of their music.  While “Rainbowmind” doesn’t have the ‘every-song-could-be-a-single’ pop inclination, The Egyptians have managed to maintain a catchy edge while exploring some new territory in their writing. Their songs unfold slowly, which totally enhances replay value.

The album kicks off with the high-energy “Rainbow Mind”, which sets the tone for this beautifully crafted fusion of pop and rock. “Led Amongst The Shooting Stars,” slowly builds up to a great wall of sound with unexpected but beautiful horn interludes and Micky Steevo’s vocal layers are particularly interesting here. Key tracks are “I Just Can’t Find My Feet,” “Richard”, “Make A Stand (Nelson Mandela),” “When The Day Is Done” and “Better Things.”

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’ll be around for the appearance of another exciting band that transcends the ordinary sound of pop-rock music by delivering raw emotions and some much-needed gritty influences of the past, take a listen to The Egyptians. “Rainbowmind”, introduces the listener to the atmosphere of swirling guitars, pleasing pianos and, Micky Steevo’s affecting vocals, while driving bass and punchy drumming keep your heart pounding.

Each song on “Rainbowmind” tells a story, which is as intoxicating and as atmospheric as it can be. They get under your skin with soothing melody, even on upbeat rhythms. Many of these tracks have that legendary sound that makes them feel like they’ve been pulled right out of the late 60’s and given a modern-day rock twist.

Overall, “Rainbowmind” reaches extreme highs and is able to slide down into seducing tones, thoroughly attacking your senses. Every track has its own strength and personality presented through the visual lyrics and vibrant sounds.  I think The Egyptians will be around to throw their music at us a few more times yet!







Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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