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The Beatles Acoustic Trio: “Come Together” – a creative blending of harmonies and 3 acoustic guitars

The Beatles Acoustic Trio were formed in 2002 by Marco Pieri, Jacopo Delfini and Lorenzo Colace; musicians who from childhood share a passion for the Liverpool quartet – The Beatles. Guitarists who have frequented each other and played together for many years, the three musicians are also teachers. The Beatles Acoustic Trio do not consider themselves a cover band, but rather offer an affectionate tribute to  one of the greatest band’s in music history. They deliver a creative blending of harmonies and three acoustic guitars that accurately reproduce the Beatles’ sound and songs.

The Beatles Acoustic Trio have now released their album entitled, “Come Together” which contains 10 selected Beatles tracks in an acoustic unplugged style, namely: ‘Come Together’, ‘All You Need Is Love’, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, ‘Here Comes The Sun’, ‘Girl’, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’, ‘Help’, ‘Penny Lane’, ‘Something’ and ‘Ticket To Ride’.

beatles-acoustic-trio-coverTo satisfy Beatles fans, the members of The Beatles Acoustic Trio need to recreate far more than just the notes, sounds and structures of the Beatles’ songs, indeed adopting, as best they can, those signifiers that will translate the Beatles work in a total context. At this, Marco Pieri, Jacopo Delfini and Lorenzo Colace, succeed to an impressive degree.

Firstly, because they do just that – without adding, subtracting or twisting anything. The Beatles Acoustic Trio’s renditions of the Beatles songs are clean, simple and straightforward. As the band’s title indicates, the songs are acoustic but don’t lack in rich textured sound and superlative harmonies.

When the strumming acoustic guitars set in on the opening track and the band begins to sing the first phrases of “Come Together,” the underlying emotional impact of the world’s most covered band is immediately palpable. From there on out The Beatles Acoustic Trio help people reconnect to the rich emotional and joyful core of so much Beatles music – a quality sadly missed in much of the current musical scene.

What Marco Pieri, Jacopo Delfini and Lorenzo Colace create with their simple, yet meticulous and often quite beautiful Beatles arrangements is an invitation to share in musical memories that have contributed heavily to the lives of at least two generations.

The Beatles Acoustic Trio approaches their playing with equal seriousness and evident background knowledge, but they do not attempt to be ‘authentic copies’, nor ‘savage re-creators’ of what came before. They simply pay homage, by picking up their instruments and playing Beatles songs properly…and beautifully!


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