The Albino Eyes: “Buchowski Kiss” – Its charm is hard to deny or resist!

What does Brisbane, Australia and Manchester, England, have in common? Well, for starters, David Thompson (vox, guitars) Leigh Nelson (drums, percussion), Martin Konings (guitar, vox) and Anthony Stavljanin (bass, vox)…better known as The Albino Eyes.

The brand new 12-track album, “Buchowski Kiss”, is the follow up to the band’s 2013 self-titled debut release. This album has everything you could want. A million listening’s would not be enough to pry out all the truth and grit that is in “Buchowski Kiss”. It is a huge, infectious, spooky, ambient and moody album. It has the taste of glam-era Bowie with the maudlin smarts of the Smiths and some Britpop Blur thrown into the mix. The Albino Eyes is highly recommended for loudly accompanying dancing on tables, drinking XXXX alone in your attic, or driving a convertible over flat, barren highways late at night.

The cover artwork
The cover artwork

What we have here is the absolute closest thing you can get to the perfect album: gloriously constructed music that broods, soars and swells as a perfect backdrop for the band’s incredibly biting satire and other lyrical investigations. It isn’t just that the songs are musically compelling; it is that they are both unexpectedly complex and simple at the same time.

There are many musical highlights on the album, but what I find most remarkable is that there are several songs so good it makes the other great songs seem bad in comparison, while one song in particular makes even the highlight songs suffer in contrast. This is how superlative “Buchowski Kiss” is, both lyrically and musically.

Few will question that the album starts off strongly with “Narcissism Begins At Home”, while “Southern Cross” is one of my favorites on the album along with “Nightwalking” which follows it. “We Paint The Sky” is another stunner, as is the title track, but seriously, the best of the bunch for me is unquestionably “Lonely Souls”. It is simply a superb song on multiple levels. Musically it is incredibly compelling, one of those tunes that once you hear it you can’t get it out of your head – the tempo, the melody, the harmony and the overall mesmerizing soundscape. But this would merely make it a good song; what makes it great is the message the song brings:

“We are the flowers in your dustbins, Frozen butterflies, Claustrophobic flashing lights, The city weeps tonight. Sooner or later you’re gonna understand this lonely soul, I will not be told that the streets are paved with gold, No, I will not be told, That the streets are paved with gold, I am sold:”

Without a doubt, the first thing that makes this album truly stand out is the lyrics. The Albino Eyes are masters of writing lyrics that make you smirk and smile and are also brilliant observations on everyday life. They write about anxiety, struggles, frustrations, excitement, love and bewilderment and just about everything else. Their singing pushes this to an extra level where you can feel all of this emotion in their performances. “Buchowski Kiss” is an album that flows together brilliantly without any odd or misplaced tracks. Its charm is hard to deny or resist!


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