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Sweet Lou: “Down The Muddy Road” delivers a driving, thumping rhythm section!

Sweet Lou was formed in Lulea, Sweden during 2012, moving from a four-piece band to its current duo line-up of Mattias Lampa – guitar, vocals and Joakim Rannestam – lead guitar. Sweet Lou is busy completing work on their next album and the first single to come off the recording, is “Down The Muddy Road”.

Sweet Lou is one of the few “Alternative” rock bands that actually fit that title. They are never just classic rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, radio rock, or whatever rock, with new guitar settings. They are literally the alternative to all that other repackaged rock stuff. Sweet Lou sound unlike any other rock band around. The primal, screaming energy contained within their music is a revelation in the purest sense.

Sweet Lou
Sweet Lou

“Down The Muddy Road” is powerful piece of work. Mattias Lampa and Joakim Rannestam deliver a driving, thumping rhythm section, while the guitar work is alternately whiplash and tidal, and always electrifying. Mattias Lampa’s vocal performance alone would qualify this track as one of the all-time greats, as his tobacco-stained sounding voice, bellows, yells, and echoes like no other.

There’s something about this song here, that makes it seem definitive, a powerhouse, an epic recording that only comes along once in a while. I have hardly heard a band meld influences from so many different rock genres into such an instantly recognizable sound. It’s lowdown and dirty with a loud and gritty hardcore production, yet it maintains a catchy radio readiness.

“Down The Muddy Road” illustrates a part of the canvas, that the duo version of Sweet Lou are painting, in terms of musical styles and the ability to set not only an entire new atmosphere, but an entire environment of powerful and deep rock sounds that is…historic, futuristic and ambitious!

To really appreciate this song and band, you must look at music as more than just candy for your ears, you must look at it as an evoluting art form. “Down The Muddy Road” is an astounding piece of high energy rock art.


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