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Sun Uther Wahn: “Four” -Galvanizing, Cerebral Ambient Music

Sun Uther Wahn is a rising force of Mississippi Ambient artistry. Sun defies the stereotypes of the southern musician breaking the mold of his 30 year history with blues, country and rock n roll. Sun’s embracing of his original loves of ambient and avant-garde music is the start of a new vibe for the human tribe. Sun’s current digital album Jedi Mind Music has pushed him to the #1 spot on the Global Ambient Charts on Reverbnation!

Electronica usually gets a bad rep for being unemotional and repetitive. Sun Uther Wahn is one of those artists who shatter that stereotype with rhythmic, intelligent, and beautiful ambient music. Sun’s music may not be extremely easy to listen to, but after you listen to any of his songs 2 or 3 times you realize just how beautiful and flowing it is. In my opinion, “Four” represents the pinnacle of Sun’s music. Unlike the mystical album, Jedi Mind Music, this single is filled with simpler old-school organic sounds.

“Four” is amazingly consistent, compelling, and engaging throughout, albeit a little short for this particular genre, considering it comes in at just 3 minutes and 42 seconds. Unlike many tracks in the ambient genre, “Four” is not conventionally at odds with melodic song structures, as within itself it contains a faint and subtle, melodic undercurrent.

Something else worth noting is that “Four” gradually unfolds and expands itself, moving between a brooding arrangement and rhythmic drum, pattern backed by synth and vocal tones. It’s strangely compelling in the way that over the course of the song, you’ll find yourself growing in appreciation along with the arrangement. This is galvanizing, cerebral ambient music.

This is not the machine-like electronic ambient music that some people may say sounds too cold and distant. Conversely this is a warm, challenging, and deeply rewarding listen that focuses on actual melody and song structure.

Though mellow and understated, “Four” is expressive and shows a lot of character within its bars. It also serves as a really nice chillout track, where the active, complex beat keeps the song from being too sleepy.

If you feel like exploring intelligent ambient music, this single would be a really good introduction for both the music genre and the artist, Sun Uther Wahn himself. If you like this, you should definitely look toward to getting the more mystical, Jedi Mind Music as well!

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