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Stiletto Ghetto: “I Love About You” Is Pure, Utter Perfection!

Stiletto Ghetto founded in San Francisco by Louis Raphael (drums, producer, and co-writer) in 2011 employs a rotating cast of backing musicians and vocalists to complete live and studio lineups. Influenced by just about everything and with a flair for experimental, genre-defying songwriting, Stiletto Ghetto painstakingly crafts songs with a refreshing vibe while combining their collective inspiration into a distilled, potent soul, funk and rock potion.

Stiletto Ghetto who in the past have caught the ear of guitar legend Steve Vai have also had their tracks were licensed for two independent movies, including a film directed by Josefina Lopez, author of the acclaimed Real Women Have Curves. They also appeared on a number of 80s tribute records, released by Versailles Records, alongside historic acts such as Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash’s Snakepit and many more.

Stiletto Ghetto’s exhilarating catalog has a variety of genre-bending music, from the album Tendernob Hillbillies, to the tracks “Ticket to the Sky”, “Get Outta My Head”, “Upside Down”, “I Must Confess” and “Release Me”.

stiletto-ghetto-ILAY-300Now the band has just released, “I Love About You”, which once again confirms that Stiletto Ghetto could walk out of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or just be starting anew tomorrow, and still hold their own with the best of them –in any genre and style!

Combining a groovy rhythm and bassline, lush harmonies, an extremely kicking orchestration with fired-up horns and dazzling upfront vocals – Stiletto Ghetto is group with a strong melodic structure and a very tight sound.

Diana Ross & The Supremes meets Aretha Franklin all draped in a sumptuously modern version of the Motown Soul sound. If you grew up surrounded by the Motown sound, you’ll know it just doesn’t get any better than this. Many major league stars, in recent years have recreated this sound in different guises and with varying success; from Duffy to Amy Winehouse, but Stiletto Ghetto does it better than most!

Add that to the distinctive vocals infused with nuance, phrasing and emotive drama caressed by the sweet harmonies and you can hear how Stiletto Ghetto stretch the possibilities of the conventional Motown formula into the horizons of American Pop, Soul and Rock.

Ultimately, Stiletto Ghetto is an amazing ensemble whose sound is the result of a heavenly synergy. “I Love About You” is three minutes and twenty-two seconds of pure, utter perfection. Its exuberant delivery is so touchingly sweet it’s virtually impossible to fault!

Furthermore if a great joyous, uplifting finger-snapping sound is what you’re after, look no further, this is it!


Contact: Louis Raphael, raphlo2@yahoo.com

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