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Star David: “Without You” featuring Alexandra Burke -a Fusion of the Spirit and the Flesh!

Dancehall Recording Artist and MP3 Music Award 2011 & 2012 Nominee, Star David, has released the single, “Without You” featuring Alexandra Burke. His music moves from rough dancehall anthems like “JAmaica” to dark and explicit devotional themes like “Angels Of Black Devil”.

“Without You” shows the full diversity of Star David’s abilities, and what separates him from all other competition, as a straight chatter and as an artist and a singer. Star David has always had something to say, and in this single, he says it eloquently and honestly.

Star David is masterful on the mic, with his rough sounding style and the gritty, raw production is a perfect match. Melodic, politically conscious, meaningful, and sexy, he combines it all into this hypnotic slowburner.

Throughout his tracks, Star David achieves a fusion of the spirit and the flesh, the smooth and the rough, of wisdom and raw impulse. To set lyrics and vocals, exuberance and insight against a wide variety of infectious styles, all with his dancehall roots intact, is the feat of a dedicated artist.

It is tough to narrow down the dominant tracks, in Star David’s catalog but my personal favorites, beside the latest release,  “Without You” featuring Alexandra Burke,  are “Rocca-Fella”, “Bare Badness Kgn 11”, “Jamaica”, “Flick” and “Ghetto Swing”.

To sum it all up, Star David’s music carries with it a lot of inspiration. It’s not only music for the dancehall nor does it only entertain, it also makes you ponder about the messages it carries. The evolution of his music is clear on listening to early tracks like “Sincere Love” from 3 years back, as opposed to the brand new release, “Without You” featuring Alexandra Burke.









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