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SquareSyntax: “Tape”- A journey, a meditation, a dream, a montage and a landscape!

Founded in 2010, Squaresyntax (aka Mike Wiley) started as a side project of Lunapollo and Common Man Down. Since then, Squaresyntax has evolved over many albums and single releases, including many remixes.

SquareSyntax is a well versed blend of electronic genres that challenge the listener with a new interpenetration of how electronic music is perceived and captivated. Since 2010, SquareSyntax has released 3 albums and 2 singles that mix the elements of Glitch, Digital Hardcore, Ambient, Trance, and more with an overall Chillout overtone. The latest album entitled “Tape” was released earlier this year.

On “Tape” SquareSyntax creates a groovy and lush soundscape as a foundation for this 12 track album. For someone who has a meticulous ear, use a set of quality headphones to transport you into SquareSyntax’s musical dimension full of texture and instrumental layers.  Every song is a beautiful interplay of high, mid, and low frequencies with very warming sounds.

The range and depth of SquareSyntax is apparent from the first moments of this album. It is a journey, a meditation, a dream, a montage and a landscape. The compositions are smart, patient and sonically interesting. “Tape” is a refreshing and even emotionally stirring work. It is an instrumental album that loops your mind into a sweet adventure.


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