Slang: “Icebreaker” – a power symphony of rhythmic progressions!

Slang is an Independent musician, composer, producer, film , editor and audio director.  Slang has recently released the album “Icebreaker”, featuring David Pastorius – Bass Guitar on “Quaff”, Erica Romeo and Dan Palladino – Chant Vocals on “Quaff” and “Jets”, while Slang handled all guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming. Slang also wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the album.

I am surprised that Slang hasn’t quite made the big time yet. “Icebreaker” is filled with incredible songwriting, virtuoso instrumental performances, and majestic tunes. Much more varied than simple progressive metal soundscapes, I think this project really shines with creativity and it is consistently excellent throughout its 12 tracks.


“Icebreaker” is an eclectic mix of Metal subgenres, Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion, with the common denominator being Slang’s fiery guitar work. The amount of creativity, musicianship and energy bursting out of this man is simply astounding!

This genre of music releases can easily become overindulgent muscle flexing sessions which appeal to purists and hardly to the casual listener. It’s a rare thing when truly memorable music is created within the progressive idiom, not so with “Icebreaker” and Slang, who keeps a firm grip on things. Proving that playing with some control and restraint takes nothing away from the creativity, passion and intensity of the music.

No amount of analysis and dissection of the parts that make up “Icebreaker” can bring to light the magic of the finished product: Nothing except the music itself! Songs like “The Shield”, “Quaff”, “Cyclops”, “Nonsuch” and “Molten Metal Lava” are so dynamic, and build in such satisfying ways that I have to stop myself from listening to it too many times for fear that overexposure would hinder the magic!

slang-400“Icebreaker” delivers pure musical bliss. Each song is like power symphony of rhythmic progressions, similar to building waves rolling in and smashing into a rocky shoreline…again and again. Music has the ability to lift ones spirits and this piece certainly does the job and delivers a performance that soars above anything similar, currently out there today. Bands that come close, like Epica, Nightwish or Within Temptation for example, all have vocals to add instant catchiness to the music. Slang works his way around this with pinpointed arrangements that are instantly recognizable and never too long or boring.

On a technical and instrumental level, the drum programming, bass, guitar, and keyboard performances are superb. Slang’s prowess on the electric six-string can also be wholly appreciated on tracks such as “The Rad”, “Castaway” and “Jets”.

The engineering and mixing on “Icebreaker” is crystal clear and very “real” sounding. Some modern music loses depth, warmth, and dynamics during this process, but Slang seems to be a master at giving listeners the accurate and intended sound of the music.

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Interesting Snippets:

David Pastorius is the nephew of world renowned bassist Jaco Pastorius, and is also a member of the touring band for American rap artist Tech N9ne. Erica Romeo is a singer/songwriter and Ibanez guitar endorsee. Dan Palladino is an East Coast USA session musician and member of the pop duo Mung Brothers.



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Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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