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SHEON: “Hit It (Like A Pro)” Has Star Quality Written All Over It!

SHEON. How many people know this chick that popped out of nowhere with the sure-to-be-a-hit single “Hit It (Like A Pro)”? If you’re not one of them, soon you will know her as a beautiful, talented lady on a mission to crush the Pop and Dance competition. It really does seem as if SHEON popped out of nowhere, but I’m sure glad she did. “Hit It (Like A Pro)” has to be one of the best dance singles in my current collection. It mixes sexy, with upbeat rhythms and club banger appeal.

‘Popping out of nowhere’ means that I can’t give you any bio or personal info on SHEON, though I tried hard to find some, on her websites. The lady is a mystery for now, but thank heavens her music is not!

sheon-300“Hit It (Like A Pro)” is an electro-pop masterpiece that melds pop and techno together. The song has a fantastic production, creative lyrics, and a star quality that SHEON pulls off brilliantly for a relatively unknown artist. This single is one you will want to listen to whenever and wherever, in the car, at the club, at home, at parties. SHEON seems to have really put her heart and soul into this song, and it shows through her vocal and video performance as well.

SHEON (and her production crew) has put her best foot forward to make tantalizing dance music on this single. With a mix and an appeal that sits comfortably between Brittney and Gaga, SHEON turns on the heat to seduce the ears and more importantly the eyes, which ultimately decide who the next cutting edge Pop Diva will be!

SHEON, with “Hit It (Like A Pro)” seems to have found the perfect combination of pop accessibility and ultra-sexy. Her radio-friendly sound, with its undeniably infectious beat and slinky dance-floor moves, makes for one of the most exciting dance tracks I’ve heard in a long time from an indie artist.

I’ll be anxiously waiting for the official song video and maybe an upcoming album, to see just where this talented lady is heading…








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