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SemTex: “Elements” – a rich sense of musical textures and emotions

SemTex’s music is usually categorized into the Dubstep genre, but for me it goes a whole lot further. With the idea of music’s transitory nature in mind, “Elements” the latest Ep by SemTex, becomes more than a series of songs to judge. It’s more like listening to a snapshot, a sonic moment captured in time. These 4 tracks present a personal snapshot of an infinite series of solutions to the puzzle of how to combine a collection of sounds, connected to the elements of “Fire”, “Earth”, “Air” and “Water”, which are also the track titles.

"ELEMENTS" - Ep cover
“ELEMENTS” – Ep cover

“Elements” places unique beats and rhythms amid the ambient cacophony of its flux and translates them into a harmonious whole. The sounds keep your mind moving through the entire album, taking you through a range of emotions. The amount of thought and detail that went into the production is staggering.  The tone of the Ep is set from the first track, with a chill yet powerful building sound, and an ever thumping drum and bass rhythm.

I love SemTex’s sense of musical textures and the clarity with which he can convey emotion while playing with those rich textures. Imagine a painter using thick blobs of paint, richly strewn across the canvas – bright blue, orange, red and green, coalescing into one unmistakably clear image. This is what SemTex manages with each track on “Elements”.

One moment you’re drifting among colorful particles of sound and the next you’re inside a warped and malicious world of slamming beats and rhythms. Though his seemingly boundless creativity and deliberative touch easily put him in a league of his own, his use of unexpected techniques and sounds within his core Dubstep style is another quality that sets SemTex apart!

Like all good electronic albums, “Elements” is made up from a patchwork of influences that add up to something bright and new. This is music which is created an individual who is doing what he loves on his own terms and pushing his creative limits. For me, there’s been nothing quite as interesting in Dubstep this year so far.

More about SemTex:

SemTex is an unsigned artist who self-distributes via his own label “Second City Records”. Homing in mostly on Dubstep, but in general enjoying the sound of anything with deep bass and high leads, he draws inspiration from artists such as Zomboy, KOAN Sound and Flux Pavilion but is firmly on his way to making his own signature electronic sound.

Official SemTex Links: FacebookSoundcloud –  BeatportSpotify

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