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Sarantos: “I Sing” – aimed at all people who have a desire, passion or a dream

Sarantos has released his new Summer Pop song “I Sing”, which is aimed at all people who have a desire, passion or a dream, but feel too intimidated or inadequate to reveal or live that emotion. Largely autobiographical, through this song Sarantos translates everything that inspired him to constructively work towards his goals, into a joyously uplifting and motivating melody.


“This song is all about my burning desire to sing” says Sarantos. “I have always tried to learn from what others tell me, good or bad. So when I first had someone on Facebook tell me that my singing was terrible, it felt like a brutal slap to the face. After the initial shock wore off, I processed the critique and voraciously attacked my training and kept working at it. This was my dream and dammit, I would not be stopped!” Continuing Sarantos says: “I have realized that I won’t appeal or endear myself to everyone. My goal is just to share my music with the world and to also raise as much money as I can for charity. I’m in this for the long haul…”

For those of you looking for a great introduction to Sarantos, “I Sing” is probably one of his catchier singles, by far. It is fun, playful and even cheeky at times – over a heavenly bouncy beat, but the message is driven home hard – BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE!

Sarantos has a wonderful sense of humor and caring heart, which makes every song an adventure and a truly entertaining musical journey for all who listen to him. “I Sing” is one of those songs that brings a smile to your face, picks you up when you’re feeling down and engages your senses! How many songs do that?

My sweetheart, is wondering
Why am I doing this, all of a sudden
My kids are, all pondering
Why am I cooler, than them all?
My friends are, all wondering
If I am having a, midlife crisis
My staff, is considering
That I am hipper than them all
Well the truth is simple
And the truth should be told
I like to sing
Cuz’ it helps soothe my soul

Sarantos’ ability to hold melody and rhythm with any genre he tackles is unique and endearing. “I Sing” has a surprisingly powerful, driving beat that moves you automatically, keeping your mood up and letting you catch your breath a bit before moving on to the next verse. But the thing I like best about Sarantos is that his music always inspires powerful nostalgic emotion; kudos to him for surprising us yet again, with another different and delightful song.

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