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Sandeep Khurana: “Conscious Dance Rhythms” -Spiritually Inspired Pieces of Music!

Sandeep Khurana is a Spiritualist, Music Composer and Film Producer. He has composed and produced more than 100 albums in the genres of New Age Music and World Music, s well as having produced info videos on Yoga, & Healing for TV. Khurana is also the author of the book “Karma Yoga and Mind”.

Sandeep Khurana’s New Age Music in the categories of Yoga music, Relaxing music, Sacred Chants, Healing Music and Dance Music, are in the iTunes Top 100 New Age Music charts. He has more than a million people in over 50 countries subscribing to his music and has spent several years studying various spiritual and healing methods, like Yoga, Reiki, Osho mysticism, Pranayama, Chakra healing and others.

Sandeep Khurana has just released his 8-track album, “Conscious Dance Rhythms”. What is Conscious Dance? Conscious dance is for anyone, regardless of any dancing skills. It is art in motion; a blissful, ecstatic movement meditation practice. For many, it is a spiritual practice placing them completely into the moment, present within the body, yet safe enough to have a transformational ‘out of body’ experience.

The music of “Conscious Dance Rhythms” is a way to let go of heaviness, mentally and physically. It is inseparable from the innermost part of a person; it gives us a glimpse into a lightness of being, freedom and the spirit.

Khurana’s innate sense of rhythm allows him to connect easily with the cycles, rhythms, energies and elements of his natural surroundings, which he transforms into spiritually inspired pieces of music ready for us to savor. There are ancient energies in all of us. Dance brings that energy to the surface. Better still if that dance is a free form of movement, and that is exactly what Khurana’s rhythms are intended for.

From “Neo Sacred Drum Circle”, to “Indulgence Tribal Trance”, “Heart Beat Trance”, Sacred Vibes of the East” and “Hypnotic Rhythms” to “Slow Rhythm Color Rainbows”, “Soul Purification Chants” and “Expansion The Krishna Way”, each track can be used as a form of therapy- where you are dancing your joy, anger, sadness, your love or whatever emotions emerges from your inner self.

Moreover Khurana’s music allows your own personal expressions to come forward while clearing stress and tension from your mind and body. It is truly amazing how this music can help unleash buried emotions and bring you to a better place in your body and soul.

This album has a very rich mystical feel to it which carries you along into a comforting dimension of melded tribal-like rhythms, mysterious echoing vocal samples, and otherworldly sounds that weave, float and loop through your mind. Apart from dancing to, “Conscious Dance Rhythms” is also a pleasure to listen to with headphones.

As with almost all of his albums, Sandeep Khurana once again delivers an exotic, hypnotic journey through a lush and beautiful landscape of vision, creativity and pure listening pleasure; an exquisite and solid piece of work!

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