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SamTroy: Beat Circuit – Micro Mystikal (Samtroy Remix)

Hailing from the south pacific island nation of New Zealand, SamTroy now resides in Fukuoka, Japan. SamTroy quickly established himself and his profile as a DJ and producer in Japan with his technical ability, musical originality, and choices. His House music style of mixing up Deep House, Tech House, Funky House, Jackin House with a touch of Electro House, always keeps the dance floor moving with a musical journey.

SamTroy has 12 years of Deejaying experience, spanning across 3 countries; New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. SamTroy, has become a household name within the Fukuoka Club and music scene; holding down a residency at Club Cream and a regular guest DJ at other events around Fukuoka, including The Fukuoka NOW magazine dance parties which regularly attracts crowds of 800+ people.

Beat Circuit – Micro Mystikal (Samtroy Remix) will be released in August and will be available at Beats 4 Djs Records, Beatport, and iTunes.

This one is destined to become a classic. The music can only be described as Futuristic electro lounge pop. Unlike so many other EDM tracks, this one keeps a delicate balance between melody, harmony, maintaining a consistent theme and not allowing the listener to become overwhelmed by a beat or by fading into ambient noise.

SamTroy follows a breezy, muted exhilaration of EDM. Always remaining beautiful and entrancing, like the sound of waves surging and cresting. The tempo is steady and less willing to explore the unnecessary nooks and crannies of his delicate soundscapes. Rather staying within the context of the straight rhythm.

On Micro Mystikal, SamTroy sounds more like a revved up Chevy reaching a kind of blissed-out euphoria. The track is great. When you put it on, you’re immediately comfortable and familiar with the sound.

The all instrumental track, results in a beautiful sound that enlivens and soothes you at the same time. Beautiful…and superbly well crafted. I read somewhere about SamTroy spends an unusual amounts of time on the details… it shows here, especially on headphones.

Tranquil, and yet  pulsating, SamTroy’s super-reverberated sounds intertwine with each other like paint being mixed on a palette until you can’t quite tell what color it is you are looking at. You just know you love it!

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