RICO JEEZUS: “A Misanthropist Heaven” – extremely insightful poetry that would speak to anyone

RICO JEEZUS is an American recording artist born in Panama City, Panama; the son of an American serviceman and a Dominican mother. He was raised in the Dominican Republic briefly before traveling to the United States, eventually settling in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His parents divorced shortly after and he went on to be raised by his mother.

RICO was a voracious reader and won a Young Authors award in grade school. He and a group of fellow students were honored with a local trip to Western Michigan University, where he would go on to graduate cum laude with a BA in political science later on in life. Throughout his schooling he wrote poetry and hip hop songs half-heartedly as the realities of normal life closed in around him. He began to see the world the way it truly was. He saw people doing things they hated every day to afford just enough food, shelter, and clothing to make them believe they were making progress.

rico-jeezus-350“A Misanthropist Heaven” is Rico Jeezus’ debut solo recording. Of the album RICO says, “These songs were written in isolation without the knowledge of friends and family. This is a deep, melodic, and dark collection of songs for the most part, and a tribute to loneliness, addiction, and disillusionment with modern America; A Misanthropist Heaven.”

Rico Jeezus has a gut feel for hip hop. This is made fully apparent by the way in which he has chosen to present his freshman venture.  RICO has decided to revisit hip hop in its truest most sincere essence. I suppose you could call this a concept album, but the concept is in his words. His lyrics are uplifting and enlightening and reflect a serious social sensibility. RICO celebrates himself and his culture through the different varieties, types and sounds of music he creates.

RICO’S flow just grabs you and the content speaks to anyone. “A Misanthropist Heaven” jumped out at me as an instant classic. Listening to the album, it seems that each song works well with the others. Nothing is overdone, and RICO covers an incredibly wide spectrum of issues that are all important. The album is simply wonderful to listen to, and if you have doubts, put it on repeat.

From standouts like “The Phoenix”, “Love In Vain”, “The Island”, “Paper Planes” and “Madman”, the music is incredible and the lyrics are always well thought out and mind numbing, as RICO creates beautiful and extremely insightful poetry that would speak to anyone.

The beats are dense and dark. RICO’S flow is at times aggressive and ominous, but always smooth and on the beat. Rico Jeezus has created an album reflecting the times we live in. And for listeners who keep their ears open and absorb the content, the depth, beauty, and truths of “A Misanthropist Heaven” will slowly begin to unfold and reveal itself.


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