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Richard Desire: “Scatterbrain” Produced by Dead Horse Beats -Musicality and Intelligence!

Richard Desire was born the son of a choir director, so music was a part of his life from the beginning. Initially he was mostly exposed to Haitian and American Gospel, but became hooked on house music in middle school. He was in a production team in high school with Moose LaRock where he discovered how much he loved to make beats. It was also around this time that he found his love for the poetry slam. Before his 12th grade English teacher transferred schools, she told him that he’d make it with his passion as long as he remained true to himself. This has stuck with him throughout his music career.

“When I started rhyming, I just wanted to be as good as Nas and Andre 3000 and Kanye. Then I started to really find myself in my music and understood that I simply wanted to make my mark, speak for me and the people like me, but most importantly, be myself at all times,” he says. However, he still cites favorite artists like Roy Ayers, Stevie Wonder, and Fela Kuti as influences on his work.

Apart from his Big City Love Affair (BCLA), his electronic music project started in 2010, Desire is also head audio engineer, DJ, producer, and participating artist for Creators Infinite.

Desire is currently plugging his single, “Scatterbrain” produced by Dead Horse Beats. It’s because of tracks like this one that it pays to keep an open mind on the genre. Mainstream Hip-hop over the past decade has been largely a non-stop parade of mediocrity, but Richard Desire provides convincing proof of just how much potential the genre actually has. Instead of focusing on establishing a threatening image or blasting our eardrums with mindless and overbearing beats, Desire spotlight’s the seemingly contradictory poles of gentle rhythms and rap with more musicality and intelligence.

Desire spits out witticisms and allusions like,“Earth is just a boulder on my shoulder where the parrot goes”or  “My momma told me to find a queen like Angela Bassett, These girls out here fast like Danica Patrick”, with a flow that will put a lot of his peers to shame.

Dead Horse Beat’s production gives the music a warm and organic feel, in sharp contrast to the canned beats that usually dominate hip-hop these days. Perhaps most importantly, the song itself is irresistibly catchy. If you can’t bob your head to this, chances are you’re way too uptight.

“Scatterbrain” and Richard Desire is a reminder of how apparently small things like a sense of humor, poetic depth, and creative artistry can make for a superb song. That’s certainly a lesson that more people in this genre would be well advised to heed.

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