Relly Rellz: “King Shit” – free your mind and lift your behind!

Relly Rellz was born in Brooklyn NY in a talented musical family of musicians. At the age of 5 he learned how to play the piano which soon became his ticket to producing. Relly Rellz has produced for many unsigned artist from New York City to Georgia.

Relly Relz
Relly Relz

At the age of sixteen, after working with many rappers, Rellz decided to do his own thing and begun to build his own sound and style. He also began writing songs. Finally Relly Rellz decided to present his diverse style to his frequent listeners on social networks. With the dream of capturing attention, he put together his debut mixtape, “The Relly-Tape”, and created his own College Tour (So WatsupWatsup Tour) and hit the road.

Relly Rellz is currently traveling City to City with his all-girl band (Sisters), slowly making a name for himself and growing his fan-base independently. In the meantime he has also dropped his single, “King Shit”.

While the track gives an inspiring tribute to the legendary figure of Martin Luther King, at the same time it questions if ‘I have a dream’ or that ‘promised land’ has since been reached, or if an Afro-American’s ‘slave-status’ hasn’t changed that much since then, as Relly Rellz raps: “I’ve been living life off a dollar and a dream. A nigga got to eat. I’m still a slave even though they tell me that I’m free. I’m just another nigga tied down in the streets.”

For those well-meaning liberals who find it difficult to embrace hip-hop music, because they can’t separate the groove from the message or find that much of it is insulting to the intelligence, try Relly Rellz’ “King Shit”.  It’s an intelligent, grooving and uplifting track that will both free your mind and lift your behind!

The raw talent and heart of Relly Rellz is blatantly apparent here as whips out a rough riding flow over a street-banging beat. Sure the beat is on point here, but please people just don’t go buy songs because of the beats, listen to the lyrics too!  And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what Relly Rellz has delivered here…both in beat and in lyrics!

Twitter: @rellyrellznbp
IG: rellyrellzww
Youtube channel: rellyrellz21

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