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Realysm: “Ex-It” Exemplifies The Power of His Work

Realysm initially was nothing more than a belief. It has now grown into a vision and a way of life for the Philadelphia native Shawn Kristopher Savage. It took years of being, loving, and losing to shape this abstract and innovative Gemini into what he’s become today. This is not the archetypal tale of a child performer yearning to be in the spotlight although, in the late 1990’s he dabbled in music production and spent some time in the modeling industry. In lieu of fame and notoriety he resumed a life of anonymity.

Realysm-2-400Tumultuous life experiences, a desire to inspire people of all ages, and a re-ignited passion to live his dreams hastened his departure from a successful career in the automotive industry. Equipped with contagious melodies and an ever changing rhyme pattern, Realysm delivers messages of self-exploration, adoration, and triumph. His music embodies a scholarly soulfulness that can be described as nothing other than distinctively unique. Now, the curtains are finally drawn and it’s time to open your mind and simply enjoy the show. No matter your musical preference there is one truth that cannot be denied. One crucial element that must exist in all things… Realysm!”

The track “Ex-It”, by Realysm exemplifies the power of his work. He captures life in vivid, poetic images, and he joins the lyrics and flow to organic street rhythms. Scathing, growling and street-level dirty, “Ex-It” examines the fatality of having an “ex” in your circle of friends, as he goes: “I got this ex in my circle, Oh how I want it to end now. Mamma always said she gonna hurt you, So let the drama begin now.”

Realysm delivers fabulous lyrics, with great music and blunt, to the point social commentary. He also has an incredible “voice” in all senses of the word, which allows the song’s power and fury to be enduring. The music, even in this relatively hypnotic, low-key setting, is spunky enough to galvanize any head nodding across the planet, yet imbued with a spiritual power that both soothes and strengthens the soul of its listener.

“Ex-It” is a dark, cynical document of one of the most deeply unsettling periods in the life of anybody enduring an “ex” somebody. Realysm’s lyrics reveal the fears, nightmares, and tentative hopes of a wounded soul with bottomless poignancy, while the minimalist soul-rock-blues backing is as haunting as it is tense. The result is a brilliantly conceived, flawlessly executed, endlessly evocative single that goes well beyond its genre!


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