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Raving Wild has all the seriousness of good indie folk music but is very pop-alt relevant!

An expertly played guitar, a solid voice, and well-written lyrics.

Raving Wild is a singer songwriter based primarily in Buckinghamshire, UK and signed to Koros Entertainment. He’s been performing for over 10 years both locally and nationally, constantly writing new material and playing various venues such as Pinewood Studios and Brixton Jam along with appearances on BBC Introducing and as a feature musician in The National Student.

Raving Wild (AKA Graham Iddon), who has released his latest self-titled single, is a rare musical talent. His performance is not over the top; he does not have fireworks or any outrageous special effects. He just plays his guitar (electric or acoustic) and sings his song. Raving Wild is so easy to listen to with his melodic presentation and straightforward, uncomplicated lyrics that he doesn’t need much else to capture an audience.

Raving Wild has all the seriousness of good indie folk music but is very pop-alt relevant. I think he has the chops to produce more quality music and follow-up material. He has already completed an album, titled, In Solitude and Silence. In fact, just to certify that the uplifting, acoustic-guitar-strummed, self-titled single Raving Wild” was no fluke, I quickly ran through some tracks from the album.

And indeed, the album is really good! His songs resonate with pure emotion and passion while he mixes up different paces and soundscapes successfully. From soft acoustic guitar-driven songs to more sweeping arrangements with soaring vocals, Raving Wild can do anything. And he does all rather brilliantly.

A lot of what gives Raving Wild his embedded style -which focuses mainly on three things; an expertly played guitar, a solid voice, and well-written lyrics – he hammers out during his live sessions at local venues, often prompting him to thank these sites for allowing him to thoroughly ply his trade. Something he has once again done on this occasion by personally extending his thanks to both The Harrow and Shoot Pool in Aylesbury, UK.

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