Purplehed: “Feel the Passion” – a heavenly dance symphony of positive music!

It took several years for the duo Ashutosh and Anurag to understand the entire music/dance/film production process, and to build a team that finally became Purplehed. After discovering that their father could not pursue his songwriting dream, the two brothers (Ashutosh and Anurag) decided to make the dream their own. Their passion drove them to study in prestigious colleges (IIT and NIT, respectively). Working on jobs, setting up ventures, traveling around, they kept exploring music and dance.

Now Purplehed’s have completed their first official song and music video – Feel the Passion – which is meant to convey the message that listening to your heart and following your dreams, is the ultimate bliss.

purplehed-350“Feel the Passion” is one of the few dance songs that holds up as a singular work of art. There’s enough sound variety to hold your attention and the production is warm and sparkly. It is every producer’s dream, to create a lyrical and musical composition that is difficult to stop singing or dancing to, and have the melody stamped into the listener’s head. This what Purplehed achieve here, without pompous effects and an overly layered arrangement. They keep it minimal, simple and clean with just enough musical juice to maintain the dance-floor filled.

The duo of Purplehed has put out a hypnotic dance groove with “Feel the Passion”. Along with all their EDM influences Ashutosh and Anurag also have a good ear for melody. And this together with their penchant for insistent rhythms which are irresistible – they make you want to move! From there it just develops into a heavenly dance symphony of tasteful music engineered to make you feel good about living and emitting positive vibes. This track should not be overlooked by any means, if you like music, if you love to dance, and if you love life, this is a soundtrack made for everyday living!

The song also features Shilpa Singh, who was Miss Universe – India, 2012. Feel the Passion has been directed by Biswanath Rath (a NIT alumnus and Founder of BnR Films) and choreographed by Anurag and Krupa Shah, who also feature in the song. The post production has been done by Jackson Garg (an IIT alumnus). The music and lyrics for “Feel The Passion” was composed by Ashutosh – artistically known as Purplehed – who is also the lead singer on the song.


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