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Pistolas D’ Pasión: “Imposible” -No Glitz and Glitter, No Excessive Electronics; Just Solid Rock!

Based in Northern Illinois, Pistolas D’ Pasión was officially formed in 2012 by singer/guitarist Aaron Morales, drummer Joey Sanchez and bassist Ryan Rodriguez, after performing live with Mexican pop singer/actress Belinda for a special edition of Univision’s hit television series, Mira Quién Baila. With the addition of guitarist Alberto Ramirez, the band’s original lineup was completed.

With their combined ambition and experience, Pistolas D’ Pasión entered the studio in November of 2012. The material produced during those sessions includes their debut single, “No Quiero Perder,” which was released worldwide on February 12, 2013 through Symphonic Distribution.

Upon the release of “No Quiero Perder,” the band reached hundreds of thousands of households through television broadcasts of their music video on cable networks throughout the United States, including a television show with legendary musicians Carlos Santana and Javier Vargas.

By August of 2013, 21-year old guitar prodigy Robby Van Oss became the band’s guitarist, officially replacing Ramirez. Italian drummer Tommaso Moretti officially replaced Sanchez a few months later. The new lineup entered the studio to record songs for their follow-up single, “Imposible” which debuted exclusively on MTV.COM prior to its release date of February 18, 2014.

If you like rock that has a meaning other than just trying to make money then you’ll enjoy Pistolas D’ Pasión’s double-sided single “Imposible” that includes, “La Unica”.

It is good to see bands playing their own songs and not stuff written by an outside song writer. “La Unica” is one of their more aggressive tunes that shows they can rock, while “Imposible” is more mellow and shows that their music can be listened to without getting the urge to stand up and punch someone in the face. It drew me in due to the fact that it wasn’t constant screaming and loud aggression over the microphone. This is one of the bands you can actually understand compared to the screaming lyrics of other rock bands. Of course you’ll have to speak some Spanish to understand all the songs!

Pistolas D’ Pasión is living proof that an audience for traditional rock music still exists. There is no glitz and glitter, no excessive electronics; just solid rock music. In other words, they stick to their roots but kick it up a notch on this release. They have managed to create hard-hitting-yet-melodic songs that elude so many of today’s Nu Metal posers.

The guitar riffs are catchy, driving, and crunchily hard hitting throughout. The rumbling bass lines are solid, hearable, and chilling in places, while the drumming is very good as well with some nice strong rocking beats. On “Imposible” the vocalist sings his lyrics in a very convincing and meaningful way, even though I wasn’t able to understand the lyrics. Yes, my Spanish is that bad!

On a more serious note though, if I had to pinpoint an area where Pistolas D’ Pasión could take their package up a couple of notches, it would be in the production department. Production in the lines of 7-time Grammy winner Rick Rubin (Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, Aerosmith) for example, would take their sound into total orbit.

In the meantime Pistolas D’ Pasión would do well to keep their heads to the grindstone and keep working their way through rock’s  long and jagged road. They’re off to a great start with “Imposible”!



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