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OnPlanetZu: “Speakers” Transcends Rap Music and Hip-hop Culture to a True Art Form

Zu Tha Greatone, singer/songwriter for LA bands,‘OnPlanetZu’ and ‘Bazerk’ joins forces with producer, Cori Jacobs (Fader) to inspire an original and heavy new amalgam of hip hop and dub step. With over a decade of history in the music industry, the members of OnPlanetZu excel in style flexibility, adapt to changing preferences, and possess a talent for uniquely blending musical styles.

OnPlanetZu is the framework of Dub Step merged with Hip Hop, Reggae, Lyricism and Rock. Their songs contain an element of unpredictability-changing flow at any given turn. Live shows consistently energize the crowd and draw people to the dance floor.

OnPlanetZu’s track “Speakers” transcends Rap music and Hip-hop culture to a true art form. It is pure brilliance. For people who love original music this is perfect. Combining the best elements of rock, punk, hip-hop and dubstep fusion, they create incredible music. And they are excellent at all styles!

I doubt there is any other band out there now, that has the ability to mix hip-hop, hardcore, dubstep, punk and rock, as smooth as these guys. They display an admirable disregard for what virtually every other band on the planet is doing. These guys clearly aren’t concerned with the restrictions of genre.

If you’re looking for a band that’s not afraid to challenge the technical and stylistic boundaries of heavy music and hiphop, then you’re in the right place. Far from being simplistic and testosterone-laden, OnPlanetZu’s musical infusions are intelligent, innovative, and unpredictable.

Not many bands get as much recognition as they deserve. OnPlanetZu is certainly one of those. The band members come across as humble and uncontaminated, which probably allows them to create such amazing music. The track, “Speakers”, definitely displays that quality. All around greatness; a must buy!

Finally, if you’re just standing there craving for something potent to come along and hit your boring music life between the eyes, then experience OnPlanetZu’s approach to musical joy, it’s a whole new listening pleasure for the open minded individual.



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