Oddfellows: “NOVO” – Trippy, spaced-out head music that brings your hallucinogenic moments to a whole new level!

Oddfellows is a psyche delta blues rock band from Crowley, Louisiana. They describe their music as a mix of classic and modern fused with driving drum rhythms, spaced-out keys, and blues inspired vocal melodies. During May this year, the band released their album, “NOVO”. This 11-track album represents Oddfellows as an acid-giddy, wide-eyed, musically ambitious band with something to prove. On here, the band’s gleefully skewed, wildly imaginative music manages to be simultaneously structured and open-ended, tightly composed and spontaneously volatile, frantically experimental and glowingly emotional, delivered with sumptuous layers of melody and disarming sincerity.


Rhythmically, Oddfellows are one of the tightest bands I have heard, and this, coupled with their obvious understanding of musical composition, is more pronounced by the enhanced production values. “Gaia” draws you in with the ever-present counter- play between keyboards and guitar, as it leads into the acidy “Miss Fox”. Every song on “NOVO” needs to be heard more than once to fully appreciate it.

From the whimsy of “Going Somewhere” and the enchanting blend of organ and super-climactic electric rock in “Vinesarveins” to  the vocal lament of  “Valar Morghulis” which closes the first half of the album leaving you emotionally satisfied and somewhat wistful. The entirety of this album is so musically substantial that you’ll often feel somewhat drained when it is over. But you’ll listen to it again, and again, and again…


Every time you listen to songs like “Peacemaker” or “Monkified”, a new note will tingle your brain until you realize the pure genius that is Oddfellows. And if you must rest you mind, then tantalize your ears with the sweet melody of “We Stayed” ft. Kristina Ostrom.

“De La Rose” and “Thessia” are almost a perfect blend of the energy and improvisational creativity you get at a live show, but also reflect some great songwriting, meticulous instrumental craftsmanship, and lush, deep, spacious production.

“NOVO” has that intangible quality that makes it a masterpiece in its own right; a model of versatility and experimentation, a cohesive alliance of instrumental virtuosity, mood-inducing vocals and timeless melodic tunes which defy labeling. I’m not sure if Oddfellows may very well be the best unknown band in music today, but they come pretty damn close.  This is a band that produces some of the most innovative ‘old’ music anywhere on the music scene today. Trippy, spaced-out head music that brings your hallucinogenic moments to a whole new level!


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