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O. Smith: “The Resume EP” – well produced, well written, and addictive!

“The Resume EP” is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Octavious “O. Smith” Smith, was born and raised in Miami, FL. He dropped his first mixtape in 2007 titled “It’s My Time”. With the buzz from the promo, O. Smith (then known as Doc Oct) performed at several National and local car shows including Boost Mobile Hot Import Nights and Elite Summer Nationals.

Less than a year later O. Smith put together his 2nd mixtape “My Time Is Now” which came with a DVD with behind-the-scenes footage of the car shows, music videos, and general foolery. Almost 2 years went by before the next release entitled “The Leftovers” came with a nearly 5 hour DVD.

Over the next year O. Smith went in on two projects, “Fudda Hellud” and “Created A Monster”. O. Smith then departed from South Carolina and moved back to South Florida to team up with childhood friend and local rapper Ksino Da Don to from SlugFest Entertainment, an independent label. In 2013 O. Smith released a Mixtape titled “The Cover Letter”.

Now at the end of 2014, O. Smith is back with a bang, releasing his “The Resume EP”, which opens with the catchy track “Awesome” immediately setting the stage for the entire Ep. O. Smith drops some great braggadocio and explicit lyrics over a snare-snapping rhythm. “Created a Monster” is an alright beat, but O. Smith’s flow works really well over it, allowing him to get pretty intense. And if you think this couldn’t be outdone, up pops “Speed Racer” where O. Smith really gets after it lyrically. But it’s the soulful vibe on “Clean Up Man” which captures me. The simple honesty of this song combined with every other aspect, including the creative chorus, makes this the stand out track for me. The Ep closes down with a ‘clean’ edited version of “Awesome”.

osmith-slugfest-400O. Smith isn’t to be underestimated. On “The Resume EP”, he really steps his game up. His wordplay and lyrics are apparently full of creative abandon and tongue in cheek humor, but under the hood, he exudes committed self-awareness -making his deliveries much more powerful than expected. His flow is raw and real, period.

Every single track on this Ep is well produced, well written, and addictive. I can’t think of a single song that I don’t like. You really get a sense that O. Smith has put a lot of thought into what he is rapping about. He also does of a good job of deviating from the typical hip-hop subject matter, but slipping just a hint in here and there to keep it hard.

“The Resume EP” is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon, while the single, “Awesome” can be purchased directly from Reverbnation. The official video for “Awesome” is also up on Youtube.  Check all links below.

O. Smith
O. Smith

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