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Nyomi: “THE INBETWEEN” -Intoxicating Sounds and Hypnotic Vocals!

Born in Yonkers, New York, Naomi Marie Agosto, known as Nyomi, is an American singer, songwriter and producer. She is the child of Puerto-Rican parents. In March 2012, Nyomi independently released her debut album “SELECTIVEHEARING”, an elective mix of hip hop, pop and electronic music. The album features producer Restless (Angel Vasquez) and Buffalo hip hop artist punchlinej (Justin J Rosario) from NuMindz Ent. The album is also a collaborative effort in production and promotion with Vizionary Entertainment, whose members include Nyomi, Jtime and Dj Quez.

As a producer in more than one genre, she ranges from pop, hip hop, trance and dubsteb to her new project which will be featuring even more musical diversity. Nyomi plays multiple instruments including guitar, piano, and drums. Nyomi first learned to officially make beats at the age of 15 and recorded her first song at 16. She started free styling in school and battle rapping, and found her voice at 20, after giving birth to her daughter and linking with Reggaeton producer Robin Mendez (Don Omar’s iDon album).

Nyomi also owns her own multi-media company, PROJECT:CREATE, offering services in photography, graphic design and videography. She is currently promoting her single “THE INBETWEEN” produced by PrajeK.

This is a haunting, lilting vocal-track. What I like about this song is the angelic theme that bubbles under the instrumentation. The synth combinations together with the beat create a dreamy scene, and the repeated echoing vocal adlibs on this track are amazingly hypnotic, as is the main synth line. It has got a subtle but great hook that will definitely get stuck in your head. Overall the beauty of “THE INBETWEEN” and the seductively tasty vocal by Nyomi make this a great listen.

While at Nyomi’s website, I couldn’t resist running briefly though her catalog of songs; some produced by others and her own productions too. I was immersed in the intoxicating sounds; the lush, shimmering productions, the sweeping, orchestral touches, the more subdued acoustic sounding moments, and the experimental electronica that comes and goes throughout her work. I particularly enjoyed some of the older stuff that I hadn’t heard yet, like “Haunted”, “You Deserve Lonely” and “Dreams”.

All-in-all I was very pleasantly surprised by how talented Nyomi is and what a great and unusually beautiful voice she has. “THE INBETWEEN” is a perfect introduction to Nyomi, and a really nice single, that stays unique in today’s pop music world where it’s so hard to remain different, yet she does manage this, with her voice, and also with her chosen music and style.


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