nTTx: ‘Falls Beautiful’ – familiar electronic ambience and somber overtones return!

nTTx is the new solo project of Gord Clement who was the former singer/songwriter for the band Atomzero (AnalogueTrash Records). His new sound is described as ‘EBM with synth-pop and disco influences’. The new single ‘Falls Beautiful’ with a B-side (Depeche Mode cover) was released in May 2015. It is available as a FREE download via It is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and most other streaming services. The song is from the upcoming nTTx debut EP to be released in the fall of 2015.

Gord Clement of nTTx
Gord Clement of nTTx

I must say that ‘Falls Beautiful’ is vaguely reminiscent of my favorite works by Depeche Mode, and I mean that as a compliment, as nTTX maintains that same mix of the dark semi-industrial synth sound and the upbeat club rhythm, infused a pop-rock vocal. This is vintage stuff which not many are capable of replicating. nTTX succeeds perfectly.

Not that this is a copy of Depeche Mode. It’s more like an extension, an expansion into nTTX’s own personal direction. And it works beautifully mainly due to the potent and postured vocals Gord Clement brings to the table. It is that same vocal, that injects the song with an imposing atmosphere that cannot be denied. Just about anybody today, can program a syncopated synth and drum machine, to deliver a catchy, driven beat – but it’s the voice that adds the final magic in personalizing and humanizing the track. Dave Gahan did it for DP, Gord Clement does it for nTTX!

In nTTx I find again all the familiar electronic ambience and somber overtones that made me an avid Depeche Mode fan back in the 80s: the ability to touch me with the lyrics and the atmosphere created throughout the music, Clement’s fantastic voice and interpretation, the melody that sticks to your head and won’t let you go, the haunting, experimental, powerful and morose musical style, somehow tempered with hope…This is serious stuff!



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