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Multi-Talented Musician and Author STEVE RYAN, Keeps Working His Craft!

Steve Ryan is originally from Georgia. Creativity was always something that came to him naturally. At only the age of eight, he began writing poetry and taught himself to play piano. A tough childhood made him determined to develop the ability to express himself through lyrics and music. Throughout his teen years, he learned guitar, developed his songwriting, and took part in talent shows and vocal performances.

He was dedicated to weekly vocal coaching sessions.  He honed his ability to craft melodies and lyrics. He didn’t know it at the time; however, he was carefully planning the evolution of his debut album. His inspiration for the album arrived – in a dream. Ryan explains, “One night in a lucid dream, I could see myself on stage. My music was connecting with the audience. I knew at that moment it was time to begin working on my first album.” 

Steve started writing new material for his 2009 debut, Steve Ryan Presents, and since then he has released various singles, Ep’s and albums. In 2013 alone Steve released two singles in February, ”Real Time” and ”Your Stare” followed by two singles in March, ”Don’t Tell Me” and ”Real Time (Dance Remix). He also released his 2nd full length album called ”Boundless Moments” in April 2013 and he is already working on his 3rd full length album, which he is planning to release during 2014.

To top it all Steve is a screen actor and member of the Grammy™ Voting Academy. Also an author, he is working on three separate books.

Running through his catalog, it’s easy to notice that Steve Ryan just gets better with time. For some people he may look too clean cut, among today’s ‘eccentric’ pop stars. But one shouldn’t judge by that. One listen to his music and you can’t deny the fact he is very gifted at what he does. “Boundless Moments” helps show off that gift as his theme is one that has a common thread for all of us: loosing, living and restoring love.

I quite enjoyed his music off the bat, in particular songs like, “Real Time”, “Stare”, “Don’t Tell Me”, “Still In Love”, “Pride With Humility” and “I Think I love You”. Steve does dabble in bringing many other elements and instruments in with this production, but there is more than enough tracks where he simplifies and breaks it down to where it is just him, his voice, a light backbeat and his talented piano playing.

Today people want to feel like they are getting value when they put down $10 on an album and not feel like they got duped. Forking over that cash on iTunes, for “Boundless Moments”,  you’ll get more than what you bargained for. As this is well worth the price of admission! In fact this could very well be Steve’s best work yet.

Steve Ryan might be an artist that you either love or may feel he is not your cup of tea. This album may very well continue that, because he doesn’t try to persuade people with gimmicks, he just stays true to his style that helped him get to where he is today — and that counts over 1 million fans!

For those few who may not be a fan of Steve Ryan just yet, if you give it a chance I feel you may come away very surprised at what you get!



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