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Michael Droste and Friends Greatest Hits: Timeless Elements of Messages, Melody and Harmony

Songwriter, audio engineer, teacher and musician. These are a few of the hats worn by Chicago-native Michael Droste, who has also earned a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in music. As a teacher of Audio/MIDI and composition, Michael’s passion for music thrives. His main song writing goals are to “write a great melody” and “paint a clear picture in the listener’s mind.” No matter the subject, Michael’s ability to fuse melody and lyrics makes his songs stand out in a crowd. Mike can currently be found recording original music in his home studio in the Western suburbs of Chicago.

Some months ago, Michael released “Michael Droste and Friends Greatest Hits”, which also contains the ‘eco-system-awareness’ anthem “Save The Planet”. In fact, Michael feels so strongly about this theme that the single, “Save The Planet” is offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD HERE.

Michael says of the song which was co-written with Jeffrey Walker: “I wanted to get the ‘Save The Planet’ message out to people, and what better way than on Earth Day,” said Droste. “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle need to be your new lexicon,” he added. “Put your paper and plastics in the recycle bin and not the landfill,” he implored. “Energy conservation, recycling, and trying to live a ‘green lifestyle’ are the keys to our collective success.” Technological advances in solar panels, home power cubes, and electric cars will help, but seven billion people need to change also. “This song send a message of hope and that if we all work together we can truly change and protect our planet,” said Droste. It’s not just for us, but for future generations. “We are stewards of the planet and not the owners to pillage its resources blindly,” Droste concluded.

The first impression of “Michael Droste and Friends Greatest Hits”, is that it absolutely cannot be categorized. Yet, I immediately fell in love with the album even though I didn’t quite know how to take it. The songs can be funny, sentimental, bitingly satirical, great Rock and Roll, groovy 80’s Dance music, or out-and-out farcical dittos, and as you would expect of a Master in music, the songs exhibit perfectly fitting changes in key, tempo, and meter. Moreover they do not suffer of what the Emperor of Austria once said of Mozart’s music, “too many notes.” A common trap for well-studied songwriters!

Despite the terrain covered on this album, and we’re talking about an almost thirty-year-long, collective effort, Michael Droste and Friends are always consistent with intelligent lyrics, great hooks, luscious vocals, deceptively complex tonal movement, and excellent arranging and execution.

Though I perfectly understand that current pop music is dominated by beats and rhythms, I still judge music for its melody and harmony and I promise that you’ll see shapes and colors when you become familiar with the sound of this album. Prime examples include my favorite songs, “Beauty Can Save The World”, “Save The Planet”, “Chopin On Synthesizers” and “The Old Mill Pond”.

Of the compilation release, Droste said: “Much can be said of the passage of time, the longer you live, the more important friends and family become. Friendship and the lending of one’s musical talent, is the celebration we share today. The release of these singles from the past, almost 30 years, share fun times in the recording studios, and the sharing of one’s musical ideas and passion.”

The “Michael Droste and Friends Greatest Hits”, is brimming with strong songwriting, great playing and singing, as well as a production sound that has aged extremely well.

The album “Michael Droste and Friends Greatest Hits”, from Windy Town is available through iTunes, Amazon and other online music retailers. You can also see their music at WindyTown.com

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