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Melanie Taylor Has Grit and Soul in Her Voice and an Enticing Way with Melodies

Originally from Carlsbad, CA, now residing in Hollywood, CA, Pop/Rock Singer-Songwriter Melanie Taylor is a 4-time award winner. In April 2014, Melanie toured the mid-West and took home two awards for Best Music Video and Best New Artist awarded at the 15th Annual Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival. In Hollywood at Universal CityWalk, Melanie won Best Pop Artist at the 2014 Artists In Music Awards. Melanie also took home the award for Best Dance Artist at the 2013 Artists In Music Awards.

Melanie has worked with Grammy nominated producer, Christian Davis (Lil Wayne, Mark Walberg, El Debarge, and Chad Brown), Troy “R8D!O” Johnson (Eve, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Backstreet Boys, Will Smith, Solange, Kelly Rowland, 2Pac), as well as many others.

Right off the bat, Melanie Taylor’s debut album, “All About Today” is very melodic and catchy. Given the trend towards all the manipulated electronic junk that comes through currently, this is a refreshing album with strong vocals, instrumentation and production.

Some songs rock, some are mellow, and some are totally danceable!  From what I understand Melanie collaborates with various writers, though this does not detract from the cohesiveness of her work. A great part of that is due to her strength as a singer. She sounds convincing no matter what she is singing. In fact Melanie can be complex, smart, funny, sexy, catchy and totally unpredictable too!

melanie-taylor-bannerIt’s clear that “Cease Fire” has the catchiest mainstream vibe on the album. An eerie synth, sweeping strings, banging drums, uplifting harmonies and hook-filled vocals, make sure this song doesn’t fall short of being an epic pop anthem. Yet it’s “Unite” with its potent theme and bellowing chorus which totally caught my attention. But Melanie doesn’t disappoint anywhere on this album, as I couldn’t dig out one bad song from the batch.

 I was struck by the strength and spirit of Melanie’s vocals, throughout. She has grit and soul in her voice and an enticing way with melodies. The comparisons to Pink, Demi Lovato and Rihanna ring true all the way.

This is the first time I have heard Melanie Taylor and I am seriously addicted already. Just by watching her videos and interviews, you get the gist of her sterling spirit, which for me is an important part of the package. Too often, too many singers seem to be along for the ride, or at least give us that impression. Melanie, on the other hand, seems convinced and dedicated to a mission and it comes through strongly in her vocal performances.

This album has it all, if you like music with strong vocals, deep lyrics, passionate deliveries, and varied styles. Melanie Taylor has a voice that can rock with the best of them, but which is also able to slow it down and communicate the emotion of the lyrics within the songs.

No doubt, with this release Melanie Taylor will continue to emerge as an inspiring pop artist who is definitely ready to go to the next level. How high that level will be, in my opinion, is only limited by the resourcefulness of her marketing team.

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