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LUNA RISE: “Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart” – a balance of grit and grace

LUNA RISE, a Melodic-Rock band from Enns in Upper Austria, is skillfully moving towards the boundaries between heavy and emotional musical moments and catchy but mighty melodies. Evidence of their professionalism, virtuosity and creativity is captured in their acclaimed EP entitled “Smoking kills but love can break a heart” as well as the music video of the single “Dead Alley”, which received rotation on GOTV, Austria’s #1 music channel.

Furthermore, the band also featured in TV appearances including a “Hosted by”, and interviews as well as live performances. The band members are: Chris Divine – Vocals, L.X. – Keys, Andy Earth – Guitars, Rob Rocket – Bass and Loup-Garou – Drums.

Luna Rise
Luna Rise

With their “Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart” album, LUNA RISE truly hit their stride, creating a solid collection of cohesive and consistent rock that stands tall as their best work to date. It has an air of pristine understanding of what they are meant to do, and it remains their biggest triumph as a band. Not one song on this album is bland, boring, uninspired or forgettable.

Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart” opens with the blistering When You Fall , a song that is ripe with ferocious energy and an eerie quality that helps give it an edge all its own. Dead Alley is another stunner. The catchy flow of the chorus does not overpower the crushing guitar work done here. I love the way they are able to create something dark and edgy while maintaining a playful tone to their lyrics and harmonies.

I also enjoyed the urgency of 616, simply because the way the song is crafted defies the phrase `simple’. There is a definite mood created in the way the music is shaped to fit the emotional lyrics perfectly.   Much the same happens on the crunching A Glory Nightmare.

The softer tones of Beautiful Monster are charmingly captured by Chris Divine’s vocal stylings. Whether he is using his voice as a weapon of destruction or as a deceptive tool for sympathies, he understands his voice and how to use it effectively.

There’s an inherent balance to their music, of even parts grit and grace, while the powerful lyrics and skilled musicianship craft catchy sounds. The music is very melodic and dark and you can listen to it all the way through with no problem. All-round “Smoking Kills, But Love Can Break A Heart” is a beautifully written, passionately charged album.

And while you thoroughly enjoy this re-issue, out on the NRT-Records label, get ready for the new, soon to be released LUNA RISE album, “Dark Days & Bright Nights”.

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Luna Rise @ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lunarise
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Luna Rise
Luna Rise
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