Luke Kelly: “Hooligans” is spectacular music-making, full of dramatic emotions and visions!

“No living humans were brought on to record for this album. Thank goodness for laptops and virtual instruments.” A blurp like that would definitely have turned my right off, a few years ago. Thank heavens it doesn’t anymore, as Luke Kelly together with his samples and VST plugins has created a display of musical fireworks that run the gamut of Experimental, Alternative, Punk, Rock and Symphonic arrangements…and all in the same song too!

The 14-track “Hooligans” is more perfectly adapted to being a movie score, in my opinion, not because it in itself needs the aid of pictures, but because you the listener risk absolute chaotic mental imagery without their guidance! Only two tracks reach the 3-minute mark, while 7 never get anywhere near to the duration of two minutes. What does this mean? Expect continuous short bursts of sonic brilliance that move through diverse moods, tempos and textures at machine-gun pace. Forget conventional song structures, verses, choruses and other boring musicalities.

Luke Kelly also takes care of the album artwork
Luke Kelly also takes care of the album artwork

Prepare to be taunted, pounded, hammered and hypnotized by gushes of symphonic orchestrations, syncopated percussion and intensely driven rhythms that twist and turn harder and quicker than a Charlotte Fury 325 rollercoaster. This is spectacular music-making, full of dramatic emotions and visions!

Luke Kelly opens up a whole new world of unique auditory experiences with “Hooligans”.  The refreshing way of combining various musical styles and influences will surprise you. And if the music and eclectic arrangements don’t grab your attention, then the song titles certainly will! Those Goddamn Kids in the Basement, I’m So Sorry for Kicking Your Teeth in, Unsettlingly Familiar Dreams, Plagued With Intrusive Thoughts and Speak Slowly, I’m a Little Hung Over should be more than enough to get your enquiring mind ticking.

The music is the kind that gives you goosebumps when you hear it. The powerfully dramatic pieces are extremely evocative, and as previously mentioned, could easily be utilized as soundtracks to any action/thriller movies with great visuals. At times kinetic and neurotic, always filled with power and passion, this set of tracks flow well together and captivate the imagination. If you consider yourself a fan of electronic music at all, you probably already own this… and if you don’t you should slap yourself and immediately run out and buy it!

Few electronic artists have come anywhere near to expressing the kind of complex crossover audio imagery that runs through the mind of Luke Kelly.  “Hooligans” showcases the creativity and variety not only of sound, but of the processes of making sound. Like maybe getting the guitars to sound  like ‘real’ players, considering there are no real players on this album!

Overall, Luke takes an innovative approach and uses a diverse array of sounds and methods to create his music. His banging drums, string-heavy rock sound, and carefully chosen samples mold together to form a truly unique style that maintains a distinct coherent identity…where orchestrated punk is a real rarity!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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