LUCA BRASSY steps up to the plate with his brand new single, “Like That”

Luke Olensky is building his performance career under the name Luca Brassy. For those wondering where on earth the name Luca Brassy comes from – it’s easy, Luke’s full name is Luke Brassard Olensky – the rest is history…as they so often say. And Luca’s Brassy history includes being a former professional wrestler. Born and raised in upstate NY and he got his major start at age 19 when he met Jgreen Moneytalkz of upstate NY. The artist’s first mixtape, “The Project: Stereotyped”, was released in 2007, and his first solo album, “The Narration: The Heart of a Champion” in 2010.

Luca Brassy now steps up to the plate with his brand new single, “Like That”, hot on the heels of signing to Sony RED and having his management based out of Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York City.

Luca Brassy
Luca Brassy

Luca Brassy has delivered a song that will attract new fans and impress old ones. He shows his lyrical capabilities while maintaining the entertainment factor and dancefloor attitude.  The track gives you the club song that you will enjoy bobbing your head and moving your feet to, but the project also shows that Luca’s lyrics are playful and sexy.

“Like That” is breezy and just what you’d expect from the title. It’s got a great commercial sound, a tight beat and is not about to blow your mind with that overdone, hardcore ‘struggle’ music, telling you how hard the hustle is. Luca Brassy just wants you to have a good time on this one!

Many of the elements that made his previous works appealing to the ear are present and expanded upon in this track. In general, “Like That” could be called a remarkable evolution from his previous releases – smoother, tighter, bouncier…and spicier!  The track does just what music is supposed to do entertain us!

Luca Brassy has proven in his career, to be lighthearted at times, very deep and introspective at others and having an overdose of pure, raw talent. He rolls all of that into one and fits it into a hard-riding club banger on this track.

If you are a true Luca Brassy fan you will not be disappointed! He is showing a lot more maturity in his music at this point, and I think it is a reflection of where he’s headed. Hopefully a video is done to this song, to add that visual dimension to its vibe!


Luca Brassy
Luca Brassy
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