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“Lonely”: Classic R&B From Rick Vocals!

Known as Rick Vocals classified as the Total P. From visions, beats, lyrics and vocals, he does it all. Rick has worked with Jay Z, Kanye West, Freeway and many others. He was formerly with Roca-fella, right before the split. Rick feels he was the right talent with the right label but at the wrong time. He has been grinding ever since. Currently he is working on a new Album. The 1st single “Lonely” is now available all over the internet.

This is an excellent effort from Mr. Vocals. I really didn’t pay this singer any attention until the release of “Lonely”! This single is very well put together; the song flows beautifully and shows off his soulful vocal style. Rick Vocals has very well written lyrics. He uses good projection in his music and great emotion, because he knows how to stress different words in the songs that he thinks should have more focus.

This boy should be blown up to Usher or R Kelly level, just based on the excellence of this single.This is a classic, one that you will feel compelled to pull out over and over. Rick Vocals does a fantastic job of telling us what he wants to bring to the world of music through this song.

On the strength of “Lonely” (and in anticipation of the new album), I sniffed around Rick’s catalog and caught up with some really cool vibes. Songs Like “Ghost”, “Dear Reader”, “Out Of The Dirt” and “I Think About You”, among others.

Track after track, Rick Vocals is as consistent as an artist can be in his work. Rick’s formula is simple yet effective. Use smooth beats, a catchy hook, and have each song reach that climatic point to emphasize the lyrics and storyline. And he nails it each and every time!

Not too many artists in the indie R&B scene can hold it down with so much soul, so much talent, and make it sound so good. Whether you’re riding with your dogs, sexing it with your lady, fending for love, or spitting game to a shorty at the club, Rick can handle it with a pure soulful and mellow musical track.

Rick had a bad-luck run with Roca-Fella, but now his getting back on track and where he wants to be. The man really put it down on “Lonely”. His lyrics are so captivating and his voice so rich you can’t help but to enjoy each and every line he drops.

I’m reminded so much of the impact R Kelly had on me, by the way Rick Vocals so illustriously croons his soul out, causing me to feel that same energy and demeanor. Any true R&B lover should have this single. With his soulful, melodic beats, smooth-sultry voice, and groovy bass lines, you can’t go wrong with this as an addition to your R&B collection…in anticipation of the upcoming album!

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