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Lina Fouro (L4O): “The Love Cycle” manages to offer the pure candy electro-pop listeners yearn for!

“High” along with “Bang Bang Baby” is enough to make this album a classic.

Lina Fouro (L4O) is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Lina was first noticed in the music industry in 2011. Since then she has gained major awareness for her electro-influenced pop sound. Lina has released her debut album, `The Love Cycle` , which was largely produced by Juno-Award Winning Producer LONNIE SZOKE (who he has worked with the likes of (Drake, Beyonce, Little Wayne and Sizzla).  The album follows Lina’s highly successful video release, “BOOM” which has been airing on MTVU and MTV.com and The Cool TV.

Lina-Fouro-press-500So I really thought that Lina Fouro was another one hit wonder with “Boom” and yes it took a couple more months for her highly anticipated debut album, “The Love Cycle”, to come out on the 3 Shots Publishing label. But honestly it was worth the wait. The album has a very refreshing Electronic/Pop sound.

Lina Fouro (L4O) brings out her sexy side, her spirited side, her street side and her vulnerable sweet side while maintaining a cool groove and emotionally variegated lyrical content throughout the 13 tracks that make up the album. Lina goes from a catchy and fun up-tempo song like “Boom” to a dark slow burner like “Down” within a blink of an eye. She is so smooth and confident. A lot of artists sing songs, but don’t bring the attitude to match the song. Lina does each and every time. She takes you there with her. Her emotions are transparent and there is no guess work to understand where she is coming from with each track.

By the time you get to the lead single, “High”, you’ll be wagging your tail, back and forth all over the dance floor. And you would already have fallen in love with Lina’s sometimes-airy, sometimes-sultry voice, as she runs the gauntlet of low notes then switches over to falsetto tones, adding a nice assemblage of breathy sexiness during her transitions. She continually and successfully pulls this off and leaves her audience wanting more each time. “High” along with “Bang Bang Baby” is enough to make this album a classic.

“Funk” and “Always Falling” have a deep sexy beat which makes the lower half of the body do sexy things, while the lyrics and soulfulness keep the upper body and mind fully engaged and in touch with Lina and her emotions. On “L-O-V-E”,  Lina sings unfiltered and passionately with her heart on her sleeve. And as a result, she delivers a treasure, supported by a banging beat and some gritty rap rhymes.

When you peel back the beauty and creativity on “The Love Cycle”, you’re looking at a star in the making. Between up-tempo dance floor rhythms, pumping head-popping anthems and sexy slow-jams, Lina Fouro (L4O) manages to offer the pure candy Electro-Pop listeners yearn for.

“The Love Cycle” is by far one of my favorite albums of 2014. The production work by Juno Award winning producer Lonnie Szoke, is simply sublime and superb; precision-tooled to blare out of speakers everywhere from San Diego to Ibiza and the Caribbean, this clever, infectious collection of songs will tingle your senses and stir your emotions!

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