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Landmine: “Hundred” – If you like your rock hard with lush overtones and melodism

Landmine never fails to surprise me… and, alas, they have done it again. The band, which could once be described as delicate and sublime, have completely, ditched their previous, lower-dynamic sound for more heavy and edgy sonics! The band says they wanted to capture a raw and classic kind of vibe, so they recorded and mixed almost entirely to analog tape, with no digital manipulation done to any of the instrumental parts.

The EP cover
The EP cover

Landmine has a new sound and vision that go together excellently, and there is so much energy in their redesigned music arrangements. What makes this new EP, entitled “Hundred”, so great, is basically they put in all the elements a successful rock band should have. Sometimes crunchy, sometimes smooth guitar playing, thick bass, Andrew Hedge’s hard drums, and most importantly, Daniel Bortner and Parth Relan’s pure heart felt emotional vocals.

The EP starts out with an attention-grabbing up-tempo intro, appropriately titled “Cloud Nine” But I don’t think anyone who knows Landmine is ready for what is to follow. “Something to Prove” kicks off with hard-hitting guitar work and a well-timed beat, as well as featuring C. Crave, an up and coming hip-hop artist. And it sounds nothing like what Landmine has done before. Here they sound like a true-blue hard rock band, embracing everything that goes along with that title, and doing it darn well too. Together with “Walk with Me” and “Butterfly Effect”, these tracks are examples of what this truly remarkable band is capable of doing with crunchy rock riffs and power chords.

But they’re just as able with sweet and strong melodies and harmonies as they are with surges of hard-rock power, and combine the lot, on the anthemic and epic, “Immortalized”, which is probably the all-round standout track in the collection.  Parth Relan came out with all guns blazing to craft a hard-edged, yet melodic sound with his guitar that is the focal point of the entire EP.

The band rehearsing
The band rehearsing

As for Landmine’s rhythm section, they are in fine form with the bassist and drummer creating rock solid platforms for Relan to work his guitar magic, while contributing outstanding lyrics and singing them with equivalent fervor. If you like your rock hard with lush overtones and melodism, this is the record for you.

If you thought their previous works were good, wait till you get a-load of a “Hundred”. The band delivers more intensity and raw power to this EP, without sacrificing moods, emotions and integrity. In fact It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the whole EP. However, “Hundred” is not to be considered a new chapter in the Landmine musical saga. It is a completely new story, which flows together track after track.

In today’s music world, it is hard to find a band that has the stamina to make it past its first release, never mind completely change direction. Landmine is that band. Parth Relan, Daniel Bortner, Alex Vahidsafa, and Andrew Hedge are the players!”


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